A Few Suggestion on Choosing the Ideal Bathtub

Whether you are renovating your bathroom or designing a completely new one, if you are all about following the latest trends, you probably already know that bathtubs are back, and they are here to stay. The reason for this is simple, the latest types of tubs are extremely appealing and luxurious looking, which means that they can add a dash of glamour and style to any type of bathroom. There are two different types of bathtubs that differ in size, shape, material.

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The first and most commonly used ones are the freestanding bathtubs that are usually placed in the centre of the bathroom. They have the ability to give a bathroom the “wow” effect and can turn your bathroom into your very own sanctuary. And since every room has its own centrepiece, a bathtub can be the ideal one when it comes to bathrooms. Inset baths, or also known as built-in baths, on the other hand, are placed against a wall or built into the wall itself. One of the main reasons why some people choose them instead of the freestanding ones is because they take up less space.

stone freestanding baths2

When it comes to the material, freestanding tubs are usually made out of acrylic, stainless steel, stone or a solid surface also known as stone composite. Out of all these materials, the stone freestanding baths are considered the most luxurious and stylish type thanks to their incredibly detailed and unique designs. What’s more, stone freestanding baths are usually hand carved from natural stones like granite, marble, travertine, and limastone with gloss finish in order to create a natural and bolder look. According to specialists, out of all materials, stone is considered the most durable and one that has natural-heat retention qualities. So, if you decide to invest in a stone freestanding bathtub, make sure the floor in your bathroom is reinforced as they are pretty heavy, somewhere around 100kg or more.

The inset ones are usually made out of two materials – acrylic and steel, out of which the latter can be easily made to suit your needs and it can be repaired easily if there is any scratch on it. Inset steel baths are usually made out of a single piece of moulded steel which is extremely hard to damage. When compared to the acrylic ones, the quality of steel inset tubs is a lot better.

The last but not least aspect to take into account is the tub’s shape. Although the rectangular and square ones were extremely popular in the past, today’s types of baths are all about the oval shape as it looks more stylish and elegant. Regarding the colour, white and black are the ones you should opt for because of their simplicity and ability to be matched almost with any other neutral colour.

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