Frequent Dental Check Ups: The Suggested Solution to Prevent Cavity Revolution

You’d think after all this time and years and years of evolution our teeth would be upgraded to have the ability to better protect themselves. It’s not to say everyone is prone to cavities and decay equally, because nutrition has a great role in it. Cutting down on sweets and increasing the intake of calcium rich foods like cheese and leafy greens is a no-brainer, including magnesium, but water, especially fluroidated, has a great impact on dental and oral health in general. Fluoride is effective as it is absorbed by the tooth enamel, making teeth less susceptible to decaying.


However, you mustn’t underestimate the power of dental hygiene either. It’s important to make enough time for brushing teeth at least three times a day, though mind you, you must be mindful of when you’re supposed to brush teeth. Doing it right after consuming acidic foods and drinks, which is a common mistake, can have a counter effect considering acids weaken tooth enamel, so it’s recommended to do so before acid intake. Brushing combined with flossing enables you to remove plaque, tartar and food, plus when you add mouthwash in your dental care habits, you reduce the chances of cavity and gum diseases.

It’s good to also get in the habit of paying your dentist a visit more often than not, since sometimes you might be having an issue you’re not aware of and when intervened in time, there are more chances of successful outcome, so the earlier the diagnosis, the simpler the treatment. Much in the like of choosing any doctor, a dentist is supposed to be a professional, someone you can trust with your teeth’s heath. You can easily find dental services Melbourne round to rely on that can even help you in crucial times after work hours and weekends.


What you can expect from a usual regular check up is an examination at first to see whether there’s an issue. It depends on every individual and the dental condition, diet, overall health as well as family history to determine the frequency of check ups, however dentists recommend one every six months as best prevention. Cleaning, polishing, tooth extractions and partial dentures are just some of the dental services Melbourne professionals offer.

The health of your teeth is essential for the proper functioning of your body, as they’re all connected to a certain organ and are very important for making a lasting impressions. Smile to impress is part of dress to impress.

Mia Hadson

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