The Suggested French Designer – Thierry Mugler

If you follow fashion trends and new releases, you have surely heard of the well-known French designer, Thierry Mugler. To save you time Googling for this famous designer, we’ve decided to write an article on him paying particular attention to his perfumes. Thierry Mugler was born on December 21, 1948 in Strasbourg, France. From an… continue reading →

loss in women

The suggested way to get your confidence back

Men have experienced hair loss for as long as we can remember. And even though baldness has become a sort of style for some, others (even the most self confident alpha males) have difficulty comprehending this illness. This is especially true for women. They say that the best compliment a girl can the one about… continue reading →

The Suggested Hairstyle For Summer 2013

With today’s myriad choices of hair styling tools there’s no excuse for a bad hair day regardless of which hair color, cut or texture you’d like for this summer season. There are many hair accessories from decorative pins and bands with distinctive details to various hair extensions and other gadgets that will help you get… continue reading →


The Suggested Perfume For Men

Men’s perfume is a great idea as birthday presents for men on Father’s day, for graduation, etc. Buying the right perfume for a man is equally difficult as buying a perfume for a woman. The key to this is to know the person you’re buying for well as well as his taste. The number of… continue reading →

the suggested massage chair

The Suggested Massage Chair

When you think of a massage, you may think of a luxury spa, dim light of scented candles and exotic blossom smell of essential oils. Massage, you assume, is reserved for models, celebrities and women who would categorize carrot juice as lunch. Well, you cannot be further from the truth. Massage has been and continues… continue reading →


The suggested womens perfume

Choosing womens perfume for someone else is really hard and complicated. You want the fragrance to be perfect; to smell amazing and to meet the taste of the recipient. When selecting a woman’s fragrance you must know her taste, personality, favorite smells and other personal preferences. Thus, finding the right perfume is difficult since you… continue reading →


The suggested hair problem solutions

If you are one of many women who suffer from hair loss, do not despair since there are alternative ways to ‘hush up’ your illness. You have tried all the advertised ‘miracle’ pills but they just did not perform any miracle on you. But why not? They have worked on so many other women and… continue reading →