Important Suggestions on Choosing the Right Type of French Provincial Dresser

Without any doubt, French provincial furniture is an old but gold type of furniture that can make your home more elegant, sophisticated and stylish. Dating from the 18th century, the first pieces of French provincial furniture were simple and affordable variations of the luxurious monarchy furniture pieces. They were specially designed for the wealthy families of the province, the ones who were rich but didn’t have enough wealth to splurge on the luxurious and extremely expensive Parisian furniture pieces. Although it didn’t have that much of a glorious global moment back then, nowadays, the interest for these furniture pieces, especially the bedroom ones, is constantly growing.

French Provincial Bedroom

Except for the lovely look that resembles the Hampton vibe, the French provincial furniture pieces are made to last. Constructed from durable wood with some finishing touches, these types of furniture pieces, especially the French provincial dressers, are designed with one thought in mind, to withstand daily use. According to interior designers, after the bed, bedroom dressers are considered as the main component in any bedroom, so choosing a sturdy one is pretty crucial. So, if you are into this style, you should design your bedroom that way and choose from the many fancy French provincial dressers, beds, bedside tables, etc. When it comes to choosing the dresser, an important thing to consider is the model as not all bedroom spaces are designed the same.

One of the most common types of bedroom dressers are the horizontal ones also known as the standard type of dresser. These types of dressers have lots of tabletop space for storage that can be decorated with some décor pieces like vases, souvenirs, photographs, etc. They can come in single, double or triple versions (drawers wise) and according to interior designers, you can place a mirror above so it can pop even more. The only drawback is that they are bulkier and take up more floor space which makes them ideal primarily for larger bedrooms.

The vertical types of bedroom dressers, also known as chest of drawers or bureaus are great for smaller bedrooms as they take up less space. Just like the horizontal, vertical dressers can also be decorated with some décor pieces.

You can also opt for the combo type of dresser with drawers and doors in case you want to keep some other things like electronics, photo albums, keepsakes, etc. They are available in both horizontal and vertical versions so the type you choose will mainly depend on your available space.

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