The Suggested Mobile Cranes – Part 1

Cranes are lifting machines that have capability to lift heavy loads by using levers and pulleys. They are very important, especially for the construction industry. Cranes enable construction workers to lift and move even the heaviest loads and items to desired locations. There are many different crane types on the market, and each one comes… continue reading →


The Suggested Way To Make Concrete With A Cement Mixer

A mini concrete mixer is a piece of construction equipment used to quickly and easily mix cement, sand (or gravel) and water, and form concrete. Whether you need cement for new driveway or bigger construction project, learn how to make quality concrete with a mini cement mixer in few steps. Step 1: Choosing A Cement… continue reading →

Sand Muller Mixer

The Suggested Sand Preparation Equipment

Sand preparation is a must-do procedure before setting the foundations of a building or any other structure, and it can be done by using few different types of sand preparation equipment, such as sand mullers, intensive mixers, etc. The right sand preparation equipment is the most cost-effective solution for your construction project. Therefore, close attention… continue reading →

Used Wirtgen Road Making Equipment for sale

The Suggested Asphalt Paving Preparation

Asphalt pavement is the surface on the ground which is intended for traffic, both by people and vehicles. The asphalt pavement needs to be durable to withstand high pressure, and therefore it is usually made of asphalt or concrete. To perform an asphalt paving process correctly, you need to know that the preparation of the… continue reading →


The Suggested Types Of Wheel Loaders

The loader is very important machine for completing different kinds of jobs in various industry sectors like: construction, farming, landscaping, etc. They are multipurpose machines equipped with a bucket at the front, and are capable of scooping, digging, carrying and dumping. In the construction industry, the loaders are used for loading, unloading and moving construction… continue reading →


Suggested Types Of Concrete Mixers

A concrete mixer is an essential piece of equipment in almost all construction-related industries. This heavy-duty machine mixes cement, sand or gravel and water to form homogenous mix, known as concrete. It consists of a motor, which can be powered either by gas or electricity; a rotating drum and rotating blades. A large concrete mixer… continue reading →


The Suggested Machine Brand For Log Loader – Part 2

Komatsu offers three models of log loaders equipped with Tier 3 engines and wide undercarriages. Each log loader model comes with swing system, undercarriage elements and upper frame. Fully enclosed cabins provide increased protection for the operator. All Komatsu log loaders can be customized with different tracks and various front end attachments. Available models are:… continue reading →


The Suggested Machine Brand For Log Loader – Part 1

The manufacturers of forestry machines know the importance of a strong, durable, efficient and safe logging machines. Usually small-diameter wooden logs are loaded on trucks by hands, but for larger logs, a powerful and efficient log loaders are required. Log loaders are used for picking and loading wood logs into trucks. Various log loader models… continue reading →


The Suggested Centrifugal Pump Modes Of Operation

A centrifugal pump is a rotating impeller that moves water into the pump, pressurizing the discharge flow, and has few modes of operation. The centrifugal pump is designed to hold the water with a small valve once the water comes into the pump for the first time. It is the most common type of pump… continue reading →


The Suggested Electrical Equipment Safety Tips – Part 3

Previously on: The Suggested Electrical Equipment Safety Tips – Part 1 and Part 2 Motors The motor driven electrical equipment needs to be well protected and equipped with air motors or non sparking induction motors, especially in areas where flammable and other hazardous materials are being used. Safety Practices The practices listed bellow can help… continue reading →