Few Suggestions on How To Hire The Best Furniture Movers

When it comes to finding a great apartment or house, location is the key. On the other hand, to find the best furniture movers, research is essential! When you start your search for furniture movers, you need to make sure you find a reliable company that won’t rip you off. Moreover, make sure they know how to deal with your valuable belongings in a proper manner. So, before you sign a contract and book your professional furniture movers, do your homework. Here’s a simple checklist to help you hire the best.

  1. Do not accept an estimate determined over the phone. Reputable furniture movers will send an estimator to your place to take inventory of all your items. This will help determine the amount and weight of your belongings and the space they will take up in a moving truck this will also determine the price. The estimator should inspect every space carefully, including your garage or other storage space you may have, and even drawers and bookcases. Make sure the estimate is as accurate as possible and above all, that you understand it.
  2. Ask for a detailed estimate. Do not hire an estimator who performs a quick walk-through without taking inventory of everything you need to move. A reliable estimator should ask questions regarding what items you plan to move to your new place. Therefore, be prepared to tell the estimator which items you want to move and which ones you plan to give away.
  3. Don’t pay a large deposit. Reputable furniture movers won’t ask for a large deposit before the move. You should choose to pay only upon delivery. When you pay in advance, you lose the control over when you will see your items again. And if you decide to pay something in advance, use a credit card to protect yourself from a possible fraudulent activity.
  4. Get references. Ask your family and friends for recommendations. If they don’t have any, get a list of trustful movers from associations such as AFRA (Australian Furniture Removers Association). Also, ask the moving company to provide references – ask for a list of at least three customers from your area who have used their services in the past three months. It is best to contact those customers and ask them about their experiences.
  5. Inquire about all additional charges. Are you moving from or to a 10th-floor apartment or live in a two-story house or are moving into one? If so, chances are you will have to pay extra fees since movers will have to use an elevator and/or stairs. Make sure to ask your mover about any extra fees that may apply to your case.
  6. Never sign a blank contract. Get everything in writing! The estimate and any possible extra fees including pick-up and delivery dates.
Mia Hadson

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