Timber Outdoor Furniture

Teak: The Suggested Wood for Your Outdoor Furniture

If you want to increase the value of your home, give the outdoor area a makeover. Often, we let the space turn into one that’s only gathering dust, with plenty of withered plants in sight, not even wondering on the impression it leaves with passers-by and visitors. The outdoor area serves as your opportunity to… continue reading →

French Styled Furniture

A Few Suggestions on How to Give Your Home an Authentic French Decor

Paris, oh Paris… The synonym for romance, elegance, fashion and beauty. Known for being forever à la mode, Parisian style effortlessly incorporates modern and traditional elements for enchanting and relaxing aesthetics. If you’re yet another hopeless romantic and want to bring a French feel to your home, you can capture the bliss of this beautiful… continue reading →


Few Suggestions On Bedroom Lay Out For Serenity

If you thought that arranging the bedroom is a simple task, you have it wrong. The master bedroom should be your oasis where you will come back each night after a long day spent hustling where you can recharge your batteries, relax and get a good night’s sleep to face the challenges that the next… continue reading →

Restore Antiques

The Suggested Ways To Restore Antiques

Decorating homes with antique furniture and unique antique accessories became a trend in recent years because of the elegant and royal look. However, with time, the original look of antiques fades which is why antique restoration should be done to preserve the antiques for generations to come. Some antiques require wood, glass, leather or fabric… continue reading →

Antique Furniture

The suggested way to clean antique furniture

If your home is decorated with antiques furniture or if you own a a piece of antiques furniture like antique mirrors, chest, chair, coffee table, lamp or a French antique mirror, then you must take good care of it. Regardless of whether you inherited or bought antique furniture online, it is important to take good… continue reading →