Kids Cubby House

Kids Cubby House Helps Develop Motor and Social Skills

“Play is the highest form of research.” – Albert Einstein Who does not miss the carefree childhood days when all the worries revolve around which toy to pick and which games to play? As grown ups, however, more often than not we forget the essence of childhood and it is not rare that children are… continue reading →


The Suggested Benefits Of Playing With Lego Toys

Lego, the synonym for endless child’s play and unforgettable childhood memories. We all know what Lego brand represents in the toy industry – quality and authenticity. Being kids’ favourite play-choice, Lego sets and toys can be found in several Lego Australia online shops that offer the most out of choice. Look for a Lego Australia… continue reading →

Suggested Educational Games For Kids

Nowadays, the technology is replacing the old and traditional way of teaching and learning. Schools are using software to teach kids, and every kid today has some sort of smart device which is used for both playing and learning. But do our kids really need all these technology-advanced gadgets to enjoy their childhood? The answer… continue reading →