The Suggested Present As Anniversary Gift

anniversary gift ideasAre you tired of over-marketed anniversary gifts such as flowers, boxes of quality chocolates, perfumes, etc. If you believe these are cliche because of their over usage, you are correct. Want to surprise your loved one with something bit more unique for your upcoming anniversary? After all, there are at least four other celebrations in a single year that require gift-giving and you have already pampered your wife with the latest best-selling perfume, set of golden earrings and of course, inevitable chocolate and flower duo for Valentine’s.

On this special day which symbolizes the unity of your eternal love, try little harder than stopping by a local boutique for a ‘regular’ gift on your way back from work. How about putting some effort and hard work to show just how much you really care for her. If you’re still clueless, lets brainstorm on few anniversary gift ideas together. For starters, how about a romantic getaway, breakfast in bed or a deluxe spa package for the two of you. Aren’t these unique romantic anniversary gifts? It will be nice to spend time together aside from family dinners and occasional movie nights. Remember, she’ll enjoy your gift more if she can share it with the man of her life. After all, we’re talking about anniversary gifts here and what is an anniversary if not a celebration of two people being in love. Noticed that ‘two’ over there.



Not hooked yet? Lets explore this subject of anniversary gift ideas little further. How about a timeline of your lives. To be precise, get a nice quality leather photo album and make a timeline of the most memorable moments you have had together (both happy and sad). You may even include few messages, your thoughts or an old greeting card she has given you for your birthday (if you have kept it, of course). Add a set of sparkling champagne and crystal glasses to that and spice it a bit with a nice romantic dinner you have prepared yourself. We bet, you will get more than that ‘wow’ jaw-dropping look and teary eyes. But don’t take our word for granted. It is up to you to decide which anniversary gift will sweep her off her feet. The only thing that’s important is to show her you love her and not only on your anniversary but every day.


Mia Hadson

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