Bored Of Your Sex Life? Few Suggestions On How To Bring The Sizzle Back

Isn’t it interesting how at the beginning of a relationship, sex is awesome. Exploring each other in bed is like an adrenaline rush. Sex is perfect, but your relationship isn’t there yet. For a relationship to be strong, it takes time. Mostly because it takes time to build trust and compatibility. Why then as relationship grows stronger, sex becomes more and more dull? It becomes kind of repetitive and monotonous.


Just as you work hard to make your relationship work, you need to find new things to keep sex interesting. If you like going on different adventures with your partner, exploring new places, food and other things, do the same with your sex life. It is all about getting innovative in bed. Forget social taboos (e.g. sex toys shopping); if you and your partner both enjoy it and it excites you, why fear. Here are few pointers to help you bring the sizzle back in your sex life.

1. Role-Playing. While guys love it, role playing freaks out most women. Women are intrigued by the idea of looking like a cheesy porn star. Maybe because usually role-playing in bed is associated with naughty nurse or French maid costumes. But you do not have to lose yourself in a character. Together with your partner set the limits. For starters, you can try something more subtle like personal trainer and client or a doctor and patient scenario. It is important to figure out your fantasies first.

2. Surprise Your Partner. I don’t mean with his favourite meal or a pie. I’m thinking more like Sharon Stone in the interrogation scene in the movie Basic Instinct. Surprise him naked in a kitchen before he goes off to work; or ‘forget’ to wear your panties when having dinner in a restaurant.

3. Sex Toys Shopping. Although a taboo, sex toys are actually a perfect way to fire up your sex life. If feeling awkward or embarrassed, shop for toys together. After all, you plan to explore in bed together, right. From lubes, cuffs, belts and blindfolds to vibrators and whips, choose what you think will best work for both of you and will help ‘rejuvenate’ your sex life. Sex toys shopping can be very exciting and fun. Try it.

4. Make Your Fantasy A Reality. Just because you’ve been together for years (and maybe have kids) does not mean you are forbidden to indulge in your sex fantasies. Both men and women fantasize about sex. Who ever tells you otherwise, they’re being untruthful. Trust me, a sexual fantasy is like playing hide-and-seek; it’s fun, exciting and mysterious. So why not make sex more fun by reenacting a fantasy that will make your knees weak and your partner go tight in his pants.

5. Reserve a Room In a Hotel. Sexual setting is important. If scented candles are becoming boring, book a hotel room. You can meet in a hotel bar and pretend to be total strangers. Let your partner work his famous pick up lines before you had off to a hotel room. Exciting, right!

Mia Hadson

Mia is a passionate blogger. Her obsession with beauty, health and shopping started young. Her philosophy is based on simple things, regardless of whether it is about applying makeup, decorating a room or cleaning a home. She believes simplicity is the basis of beauty and she implements this ideology in all spheres of her life.