Coccyx Donut Pillow: The Suggested Tailbone Pain Relief Item

Too much of something is bad enough… that’s what Spice Girls  have said in their song called Too Much, and I think they were on to something. After leading a predominantly sedentary lifestyle, you can imagine with barely any mobility, except from going from sofa to bed, and from car to office chair, I started experiencing health problems. One of the worst was the tailbone discomfort that didn’t seem to go away and started disrupting my quality of life.

Coccyx Donut Pillow

That was when I decided it was high time for change. From sedentary, I changed to hypermobility, revolutionising my lifestyle completely. Apparently, both too much sitting, and too much moving happen to exacerbate the pain. Though small, and not really something you pay attention to since it’s at the very bottom of the spine, the tailbone has an important role in stabilising sitting, as well as the muscles, and tendons in the area. Lucky for me, I came across the ingenuity of the coccyx donut pillow and that’s the object that’s my constant companion ever since I bought it.

After trying out some treatments, like massaging, stretching, the cold therapy (i.e. applying ice packs on the area), and physical therapy, I was determined to deal with the issue without resorting to surgery, and it was the pillow that saved the day.The great thing about pillows like this is you can place them just about anywhere where you intend to sit, they fit with chairs, armchairs, office chairs, sofas, your car, sports stadiums, concerts halls, buses, you name it – they’re compact!

A coccyx donut pillow is anatomically designed so as to provide tailbone pain relief, helping with ameliorating your posture thus distributing the weight evenly, and even helping with improving blood circulation. Because of its specific shape and comfort, it’s also useful for people dealing with haemorrhoid problems, as well as bedridden patients with pressure sores and ulcers.

Speaking of posture, it’s at the very essence for the relief of the pain because the pillow enables the improvement of the alignment of the spine, which in turn eases off the pressure at the tailbone. It’s a design that also makes the perfect addition to sunken, and sloping seats that make it a struggle to sit as they compress the spine, and the body as a whole, because it can fill up the seat space properly to enable you to get full pelvic support. Apart from donut shaped, it can also be U and V shaped, including cutout, so it’s entirely up to your taste, and whatever works for you best.

You can use them time and time again, not worrying about them wearing out as they’re made of quality materials, like polyurethane foam, covered with a durable and washable fabric. So, if you’re experiencing the same discomfort, this is the relief I suggest you should go for.

Mia Hadson

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