Create Own Minecraft World With These Suggested Minecraft Lego Sets

Children are great imitators, so give them something great to imitate. Welcome them the world of Lego Minecraft!

Without any doubt, the Lego Minecraft game is the bestselling game for kids of the modern day. The interesting and versatile Minecraft Lego sets are the perfect toy solution for keeping children busy and entertained, while enforcing their imagination and building skills at the same time. Simply put, the revolutionary Minecraft Lego sets help children build their own Minicraft world, which will bring them unique moments of joy, pleasure and happiness.



Let’s take a look at some of the most demanded Minecraft Lego sets by kids of the modern day.


  • LEGO Minecraft Micro World: The Nether

This Lego set provides children the opportunity to delve into the world of The Nether, where zombies are patrolling, Ghasts are flying and the reddish lava is flowing. They can travel through the Obsidian Portal by combining different biomes.


  • LEGO Minecraft ‘The Mine’

Thanks to this outstanding 926-piece Lego set, kids can play ‘miners’ all day long. They can be Steve (the Lego mini-figure) that is brave enough to enter into the darkness and fight the Skeleton, the Zombie, the Spider and the Creeper. The Mine Lego set features huge minecart track, minecart, weapons with swords and bows, TNT explosion and many other fantastic elements that make this set one of kids’ favourite entertainment toys.


  • LEGO Minecraft ‘The Farm’

Lego and Minecraft are the unbeatable combo, the most fabulous entertainment combination of all times! One of the ‘outputs’ of the Lego-Minecraft formula is ‘The Farm’ set. With 262 pieces inclued, this set is the perfect game for kids who love the nature, the animals and the life in the village. Featuring accessories of this beautiful Lego set are: the Steve mini-figure, a cow, a sheep and a skeleton. Steve builds houses, feeds the animals and protects them from the dangerous skeleton. It is so much fun!


  • LEGO Minecraft ‘The First Night’

In this spectacular Lego-Minecraft set, Steve’s ultimate goal is to survive the first night when the sun goes down. He will have to use the daylight hours to collect food and create a shelter, so that he can be fully prepared and secure for his first night in the woods. This set counts 408 pieces and it can be also combined with other Minecraft world sets for a complete and unforgettable Lego experience!

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