Lego Mixels – Suggested Monster Building Sets And Toys For Kids

When it comes to building sets and toys for kids, Lego is the absolute leader on the market. The world of Lego has no boundaries, as the company has designed and manufactured collectible items for almost any famous franchise, including Star Wars, Harry Potter, Marvel’s Avengers, DC’s Justice League, Spongebob Squarepants, Lord of the Rings and Hobbit. One of the newest franchises introduced in the Lego world is Lego Mixels.



Mixels is an animated TV series by Cartoon Network and Lego and was first introduced in February, 2014. Mixels stand out in the product portfolio of Lego as the most exciting monster building set for kids. Funny and creative buildable figures, Lego Mixels come in many different colour schemes and as part of different tribes, living in an unrealistic world of wonder and adventure. For best experience, these buildable figures can mix, match and combine with one another in many creative ways.

Lego Mixels were voted the most interesting children’s toys for 2014 and it seems as if their popularity is continuing in 2015. But Mixels are more than just a line of monster building sets and toys, as they come in all kinds of media entertainment forms, both virtually and physically. The new franchise of the brick company is aired on Cartoon Network and on CN’s website. However, Mixels are most popular as little collectible creatures that every collector wants to own.

The small monsters are made from basic building blocks of Lego matters: rock, fire, electricity, water and others. Each tribe of Mixels is unique, and all can be mixed to create a more interesting play scenes. But Mixels are not alone in their world. They are in constant battle with their opponents, Nixels, the mean, colourless creatures of deconstruction with a mission to destroy all the Mixels.

Lego Mixels building sets and toys for kids are divided into tribes. The first Mixels series includes three tribes: Cragsters, Infernite and Electroid, while many more tribes debuted in the following series, such as the Fang Gang, Flexers, Frosticons, Wiztastics, Spikels, Glorp Corp and more. Regardless, kids can randomly combine Lego Mixels from different tribes or from one tribe only. It all depends on their creativity. The most popular Mixels are Gobba from the Fang Gang tribe, Slumbo from the Frosticon tribe, Tentro from the Flexers tribe. These are made from 55+ pieces each and assembling them is very fun. Each Lego Mixels figure assembled is between 7 and 13 cm tall.

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