Living with Paralysis – the Suggested Types of Wheelchairs

Living with limited mobility is hard, but fortunately, wheelchairs are here to make things a bit easier. Once you find the wheelchair that offers the right levels of support, comfort, and mobility you will feel more independent and ready to tackle most of your day-to-day tasks. Going through different stores can be a stressful and time-consuming process. Especially when you live with paralysis. But, thanks to the internet, which is the biggest marketplace of all, you can buy wheelchair online quite easily. Let’s take a look at the different types available today.

For example, will you be traveling long distance? If you are, then consider a model that has more durable tires and wider, larger wheels. Will you need to transport the wheelchair? If yes, look for a lightweight model. Another thing to consider is whether you are able to push yourself? If you can’t, choose an electric model or a wheelchair with handles at the back so that you can be pushed by another person. Consider your weight as well – if you weigh more than 114kg then you might need to buy wheelchair online from a special supplier. With so many models available, here’s what I suggest that you consider getting.


Electric wheelchairs

This model is larger and heavier than the manual type but it is a great choice if you cannot push yourself or you need to stay most of the day in it. They are powered by a battery motor and you can control the driving using a joystick which is built onto the wheelchair. Some models can be transformed into different pieces for an easy transport and travel. The electric wheelchair is great for both, indoor and outdoor use as well as for long and short distances.


Transit and travel wheelchairs

This is a good choice if you need some extra help for pushing. The smaller back wheels provide great maneuverability which makes the transit wheelchair suitable for restricted movement. This model is lightweight but it is not the most suitable one for long distances. It is great for outdoor use while it is also easy to transport as well.


Self-propelled wheelchairs

If you are able to operate a wheelchair on your own, then consider a self-propelled type. This model comes with large back wheels, which makes it suitable for both short and long-distance trips. You can use this wheelchair indoors and outdoors as well. Want to go on a vacation? No problem – this wheelchair is very easy to transport and travel with it.

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