Longspan Shelving – Suggested Storage Solution For Your Warehouse

Good organization is the most important segment that ensures proper functioning of every warehouse. Regardless the type of goods you stock in your warehouse, a proper storage solution is a must if you want to achieve high level of efficiency and productivity. The shelving systems are considered as some of the most cost-effective storing solutions that can help you a lot in your warehouse. There are different types of shelving systems which are designed to suit different demands and storing needs. One of the most commonly used is the longspan shelving.


Longspan shelving is one of the most flexible and cost effective storage solutions available on the market. This storing system provides many advantages, such as possibility for storing products with longer length which can’t be stored in the traditional shelving systems. If you find it difficult to store your goods in a bulky pallet racking, then the longspan shelving is the right storage solution for your warehouse.

The longspan shelving system is available in a variety of options. This shelving solution comes in different capacities ranging from 200kg up to 3000kg. Furthermore, there are easily adjustable levels which increase the flexibility when setting the height of each shelf. This makes the longspan shelving system ideal for any hand loading application.

Despite the fact that there are different size and weight options, the shelf levels in the longspan storage solution come in a variety of options too. You can choose between:

  • particle board shelf levels,

  • steel shelf levels,

  • melamine shelf levels, or

  • wire mesh shelf levels.

Regardless which type of heavy duty longspan shelving solution you’ll choose, one thing is for sure: you can store the heaviest products quickly and easily. Since every shelving level can hold up different types of heavy products, you can fit any goods without worrying about the weight limits. Flexibility is the main feature of this heavy duty storage solution that makes it ideal for:

  • Retail shelving

  • Commercial shelving

  • Garage shelving

  • Displaying products

  • Home shelving

In order to choose the right longspan shelving system for your warehouse, first you need to determine the capacity requirements of your products. This means choosing a longspan shelving storage solution with the right frame size and storage capacity.

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