Printer Plotter: Print Wide in Colour or Black & White on Many Different Types of Material

Whether it is your profession or just a hobby you love dearly, photography is truly a creative process that requires not just special skills but quality equipment as well. There is really nothing more empowering than being able to capture a special moment and share it not only with your friends and family but with the world as well. Photography enables you to see the beauty around you and pay a closer attention to details that you may have disregarded previously.


There is certainly something magical in photography – not only it keeps wonderful memories alive, but it also enables you to travel back in time to moments and places that are really special to you. The best reward for the creativity that’s invested in your beautiful pictures is seeing your works of art displayed in your studio or home where people can not just admire them, but also see things from your perspective.

Every photographer knows that the best way to express his creativity as well as develop and improve his photography skills, is to find the right equipment. From picking the best camera to choosing the perfect lenses, lightning and other accessories, there are indeed a lot of things to consider. However, one essential device that every photographer should have in his studio is definitely a high-quality printer plotter. Nowadays, with the constant advancements in technology there are various printer plotter models that have different features and of course come with different advantages. Before making your purchase, determine first whether you need a toner or an inkjet printer.

Printers that incorporate inkjet technology use very small guns to spray tiny dots of ink onto the paper. Inkjet printers include a fine mesh head through which the droplets are moved. Toner printers on the other hand, incorporate a special heated gun that is used to transfer and then fuse the dry toner onto the printing paper. Besides deciding on the perfect model in order to make the best purchase, you should also consider other factors including the materials you plan on using, the size of the prints, the quality of the machine and similar features.


Wide format printers are available is different sizes including 17”,24”, 44”, 36” and 64”, so first decide how large you want your photos to be and them pick the right size that will fit best with your individual preferences and needs. While the size is nonetheless important, what actually determines the quality of the photos is the material. Advanced printer plotter models can be used for printing on many different materials including fabrics, self-adhesives, backlit banner material and even flexible magnetic sheets.

The number of colours reproduced during printing is another factor to take into account when shopping for the right printer plotter. The accuracy and vibrancy of the prints in terms of colour is a key feature to look for. Therefore, pick a model that has light absorption properties and provides great colour stability for both colourful and black & white prints.

Mia Hadson

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