All the Reasons Why Wooden Toys Are Highly Suggested

Without a doubt, playtime helps children build fine motor skills, creativity and logic. Considering this, toys are not only a way to get kids distracted enough so you can do the dishes, but when chosen right, toys can benefit their development profoundly. Unfortunately, modern toy designs are more lazy than stimulating, and the choice of materials used mostly comes down to what’s cheaper rather than what’s healthier and more durable. Being aware of this, many parents started to appreciate the beauty of good, old-fashioned wooden toys and the many benefits that come with them.

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Development of Fine Motor Skills

Many modern toys are a combination of fun features – they make noise, move around, and even light up. This leaves little room for the child to become actively engaged in the play, which you might notice when you observe them – they just smile and watch what the toy does. On the other hand, wooden toys encourage children to use their imagination. When playing with a childrens wooden farm set, your little one can make animal noises on his/her own and begin to realize the difference between certain animals. What’s more, wooden toys rarely move on their own, which means your little one will have to move them around by his/herself and thus be more physically active, which is important for the development of fine motor skills.

A Much Healthier Option

Considering how plastic is an artificial material, a lot of chemicals go into making plastic toys. Plastic and rubber toys can contain a number of toxic ingredients such as phthalates and BPA. Plus, it’s frightening when you think how children come in close contact with these chemicals when they play with their toys, cuddling them, or putting them in their mouths. On the other hand, wooden toys are free of any dangerous chemicals. The only thing you need to make sure is that the paints that are used on them are water-based since many paints can contain VOCs .

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Exceptional Durability

Many toys seem like they have been designed to break after a few months of playing with them, and that’s in the best case scenario. Unless they are made of wood, as wood is a more sturdy material than plastic. In that case, it can withstand all the beating children will put it through. And children aren’t exactly gentle. I’m sure parents will be more than happy to be able to pass down a childrens wooden farm set or toy blocks from an older to a younger sibling. Not to mention the sentimental value that certain toys gain over the years.

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