Some Suggestions for the Ideal Musical Instrument For Your Child

Every parent has at one point or another been told that music is very important for their child’s development. I know because I was there when they told my mother when I was very young, and I fully expect to be told the same about my child one day. The reason every parent has been told this is simply because it is true. There have been many studies that have shown how specific types of music can have a very calming effect on a child’s temperament. In fact, some findings even say that music can even have an effect on a child that’s still in its mother’s belly.

Loog Acoustic Guitar

There are quite a few benefits that children could get if their parents expose them to music at a young age, but there are even more that could come out of allowing them to take up and start learning how to play a musical instrument once they get a bit older. The problem now though is in choosing the right instrument. There are too many instruments to go over all of them, so we should instead focus on the two that are the most commonly chosen because of their appeal to a very wide range of people as well as the number of potential perks that come from learning to play them. And those would be the guitar and the piano.

Without question, for most children the guitar is one of the most popular instruments of all time, probably largely due to how fun it is to play it. This probably is a big deciding factor as to why so many of them like to pick it as their first instrument and with a smaller model like the Loog acoustic guitar which is specifically designed for children, they can start learning to play just as soon as they express any interest in music.

The piano, on the other hand, is the most popular instrument of choice for just about any parent. And there are many reasons why they would make this choice. The piano for instance is a very pleasant instrument for the listener even if the one that is playing is missing more notes than he is hitting. It is also a good way for the child to develop both a proper sitting posture, as well as a more calm disposition which are both required to play the piano properly.

Both the Loog acoustic guitar and the piano can develop the child’s finger dexterity and fine motor skills since they will need to move the fingers up and down to accurately hit all of the notes. Unexpectedly, this will also make a kid’s time at school a lot easier, since they will learn to read much easier if they have already have developed pattern recognition abilities from reading the music sheets. The repetition of songs will also boost the memory and cognitive abilities overall.

In the end, it doesn’t matter which instrument you choose since the perks that both of them offer can be helpful to the child later on, what does matter is to nurture in them a love for music and the desire to earnestly dedicate to whichever instrument they choose.

Aiden Jones

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