The Suggested British Bank Logos That Leave an Impression

British banks have a special place in the history of finance and banking. It was on British soil where the concept of overdraft was initially presented as part of the many services banks offer. Even today, British banks are still on top of their game due to hard work, premium services, great customer support and decisive marketing strategies. As part of those decisive marketing strategies is branding, an area in which British bank logos are created. Most UK bank logos today are easily recognized by people from all around the world, much because British banks and technically their logos are really old, but also because these banks put great emphasis on branding and marketing, thus on the concept that these can have a great impact on the overall success of banks.

British banks

Let us start off with a bank whose logo is probably the most popular one around common people, much because of precise and excellent marketing strategy. Barclays – a name familiar to people of all ages and countries is one of the most popular British bank logos in the world. The defining moment in Barclays’ brand history happened the moment when it became an official sponsor of the Premier League in England or the most famous football league in the world if you would. But success didn’t happened overnight for Barclays, it is a result of a long history (founded 1690, London) and hard work throughout its existence. The strong branding strategy is just one of many smart moves that Barclays’ shareholders have made after months of analyzing and planning. Today the “eagle with spread wings” logo is a trademark and can be seen in every major city in the world.

Lloyds Banking Group comes second in terms of brand authority among all British bank logos. First of all, the black horse standing on two feet is a really great image on its own, and in a way it reflects stability, power and support – three characteristics that every customer seeks to find in a financial institution. Other than that Lloyds Banking Group is also a bank with tradition, as it derives from the second oldest bank in UK – Bank of Scotland. Through a series of mergers Lloyds have become what it is today, and that is a stable bank with premium services operating in many countries other than the UK.


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