The Suggested Carpet Cleaning Techniques That Can Remove The Stubbornest Stains

Vacuuming your carpet regularly certainly takes care of debris and dust accumulated, but if you want to keep it looking as on the day you bought it, then professional carpet cleaning is a must. Carpet experts have the experience and equipment needed to remove stains and get rid of harmful microbes as well. Of course, you can try yourself some of the carpet cleaning techniques, however, the end results will definitely not be what you’ve expected. Such carpet cleaning requires skills, powerful machines, cleaning solutions and knowledge. Something only professional carpet cleaning companies possess.

It’s true that you can easily rent a dry carpet cleaning machines, but the ones available are not as powerful as the ones intended for commercial use. Yes, you will be able to clean spilled coffee stain, but only to certain extent. That’s not the right way to cut household budget. If you want to save time and money, then hire professional carpet cleaning services.

Carpet Cleaning

Wet Cleaning – Wet carpet cleaning services are preferred by people that are concerned about possible chemical exposure. Experts use hot water in the machines to dilute detergent solutions and to completely remove any debris and dust buildup. Now, you can let your kid play free on the carpet. If you choose this carpet cleaning technique, be prepared to wait up to 8 hours until your carpet is perfectly dry to use it.

Dry Cleaning – If you want to maintain a healthier indoor environment, then you must properly clean your carpet. For best results, hire professional dry cleaning services every 6 or 12 months. Dry carpet cleaning is ideal during winter months, as you don’t have to wait for the carpet to be perfectly dry. Professionals pre vacuum the dirty carpet before applying the water based dry cleaning solution that breaks the soil from carpet fibers. The second phase includes treating and removing spots and stains. Finally, professionals use powerful dry carpet cleaning machine to rejuvenate the carpet.

Steam Cleaning – Steam carpet cleaning services are recommended during the summer months, as it takes few hours for the carpet to completely dry. Professionals use portable machines that are far more powerful than the ones found in the local home improvement store. The machine is filled with water and detergent which are applied directly on the carpet. This cleaning technique does not require pre spraying of the carpet. The method is 20 years old and is one of the most preferred by most carpet cleaning companies nowadays.

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