The Suggested Cat Dozer For Higher Efficiency And Productivity

If you are looking for a dozer that can increase your efficiency and productivity, you have come to the right place. There are many different bulldozers promising to increase your productivity, but one machine that can offer that is the Cat 824K wheeled dozer.

Equipped with a 302-kw Cat C15 ACERT engine, the new Cat dozer is one of the most powerful dozers in the wheeled dozer category. With maximum operating weight of 34,000 kg and 405 horsepower, the Cat 824K is equipped with six different blade configurations. This machine provides the same solid performance like the previous models by Caterpillar, and includes improvements on the power train, operator station, and structure. New features that increase the serviceability and the safety are also included.


One of the most unique features included in this Cat dozer is the lock-up clutch. Included in the Cat torque converter, this feature reduces the drive train power loss, and maintain the system heat. In order to meet diverse emission standards, the 824K Cat dozer comes in two engine options: EPA Tier 4 Final/EU Stage IV and EPA Tier 3/EU Stage IIIA. The power shift transmission of the Cat 824K can also be adjusted by the operator for shifting speeds automatically. For increased productivity and better fuel economy, the Cat 824K wheeled dozer is featured with Single Clutch Speed Shifting controls.

The design of Cat 824K dozer is made from rigid components which are capable to withstand heavy-duty operations. The full box-section rear frame is designed to resist shock and twisting forces, which are common when dealing with heavy operations. Also, the robust design of the new Cat dozer reduces the operating costs and increases the productivity.

Depending on the application, the left foot pedal can serve as a transmission neutralizer, engine decelerator or a brake. This increases the convenience and the efficiency significantly. When speaking about the operator convenience, the new Cat dozer is equipped with a new fuel tank that enables the machine to work 12 hours, depending on the application. Also, the operator disposes with a real time information about the tire condition, in order to ensure that the tires are properly inflated.

The cab of the Cat 824K is designed with operator’s safety and convenience in mind. With lighted stairways for convenient entrance and exit, and increased room when sitting on the air-suspension seat, operating this Cat dozer is enjoyable and pleasant experience. Furthermore, the cabin is isolated and pressurized with filtered air. Cat also includes optional rear-view camera to increase the visibility and efficiency for the operators.

Aiden Jones

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