The Suggested Cheap Red Wine Blends in Australia

Today the market is full of different red wine blends. If you do not have high level of experience and knowledge, they are quite hard to define and hard to compare as well, but still, there is one thing that keeps the red blends together – the sweet fruit. Almost all red wine blends are easy to drink, have fruited sweet style and are lush. They offer more complexity in taste than single varietal wines. In fact, some of the world’s best red wines are made from blending various types of grapes. The goal of blending wine is more to balance the characteristics of the flavors. Here are some of the most popular cheap red wine blends you can find buy.

Cheap Red Wine Blends

Campbells Shiraz Durif 2011 – Full-bodied is the word generally used to describe this wine. But, into a partnership with Shiraz wine and a perfect deal of harmonizing gets done. The Campbells brand is known for fortifying their red wine blends, and so is the case with Shiraz Durif 2011 which is exciting and noteworthy cheap red wine blends. This wine presents a perfect balance of Shiraz grapes, plums, black fruits and the Durif which enriches the wine with its earthy notes, cherry, and spice. This cheap red wine blends is red fruited with hints of licorice and chocolate. The firm finish features fine tannins. This cheap red wine blends is low in alcohol and offers crisp acidity. Share this cheap red wine blends with friends and family at a BBQ gathering or with pizzas.

Cecchi Chianti – This cheap red wine blends is brand’s historical label and is primarily made of Sangiovese grapes which depict Cecchi’s Tuscany background. The fermentation process is done in steel barrels and under controlled temperature. The wine has a normal aging cycle and features a modern structure and style, which translates into a perfect harmony of aromas and scents. Ruby red colour and strong aromas is what makes this cheap red wine blends popular among wine lovers. The palate is well balanced and soft. The wine is ideally paired with cheese and red meat.

Churchview St Johns Zinfandel 2011 – This ruby red cheap red wine blends is a wonderful blend of intense aromas of black cherries, plums, coffee, tobacco, mocha, pine needles, chocolate and smoky oak nuances. The palate is rich with ripe plums, cherries, and raisins, with integrated cocoa and chocolate. The finish is soft and long and features an amazing contrast of smoky oak. This cheap red wine blends displays an intense texture and flavors and is limited.

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