Suggested Educational Games For Kids

Nowadays, the technology is replacing the old and traditional way of teaching and learning. Schools are using software to teach kids, and every kid today has some sort of smart device which is used for both playing and learning. But do our kids really need all these technology-advanced gadgets to enjoy their childhood? The answer is no. You as a parent need to stick to the traditional way of playing and learning. Studies show that ‘to much technology’ interferes with creativity and limit the young minds in learning through hands-on-tasks, movement, and human-to-human interaction.

A more effective way to boost your kid’s creativity and mental development is trough educational games. The educational games for kids involve fun activities that trigger kids to learn and imagine. They are considered as great tools that help kids to learn about numbers, letters, colors, and to learn how to play with other kids or adults. These games help kids to develop math and language skills which are recommended for a preschooler. Look at our suggested educational games for kids and find the ones that will entertain and educate your kids:

Educational Games For Kids

Memory Games – Designed to stimulate natural learning and to develop problem solving, critical thinking and strategy development skills. The memory games are colorful and come in many different themes. Wildlife is one of the most popular memory games. You can play with your kid and see who has the better memory skills by matching elephants, lions, pandas and many other animals.

Dominoes – Recommended for all generation, the dominoes help children to develop concentration and co-ordination skills. It is a game where figures or numbers need to be matched. The game can include 2-4 players. Amazon Dominoes is a very attractive game where kids can build their on rainforest by matching up the animal images.

Alphabet Match and Play – This is a fun, play-based activity designed to assist children with upper case and lower case letter recognition and word familiarization. This game provides many learning opportunities such as letter recognition, letter sounds recognition, vocabulary development and encourages a fun and enjoyable learning.

Puzzle Games – A perfect way to teach your children about different shapes. It helps children to recognize shapes both visually and by touch. Many different themes are available, and the piece sizes are suitable for different kids age.

Sudoku Bugs Game – A fun Sudoku game for kids. This is a math puzzle, where the objective is to fill in all the boxes without repeating any of the elements in a same row, column or square. An excellent game for your kids to develop reasoning and logic skills.

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