The Suggested Mini Excavator By Yanmar

Yanmar is a reputable manufacturer and a supplier of high quality excavators. In 2013, Yanmar included a new mini excavator in the SV series, the Yanmar SV26. This is a compact and comfortable Yanmar excavator with incredible accessibility and superior performance. The SV26 Yanmar excavator is ideal for a variety of applications, including agriculture, landscaping and urban renewal.

Yanmar SV26 is compact machine capable to work on any surface and job site. Also, it weights only 2590 kg, so it can be easily transported by a special transportation vehicle. With these specifications, the SV26 is suitable for all kinds of landscaping and urban applications. This Yanmar excavator brings a lot of power on any job site in a small package. Powered by a Yanmar diesel engine with three cylinders and direct injection, the SV26 is characterized by low fuel consumption and gas emissions.

The Suggested Mini Excavator By Yanmar

This compact Yanmar excavator consumes less fuel when compared with other excavator models. The fuel consumption can be additionally reduced if the operator installs an optional system called Auto Idle. This system automatically turn off the engine when the machine is not used for some period. Yanmar includes a VIPPS hydraulic system in this mini excavator for excellent performance, smooth operation and enhanced operating speed.

The cabin of this Yanmar excavator is designed to provide a great combination of operator’s comfort and functionality. With a large door and ergonomically placed controls and commands, the operators can work more easily and more efficiently. The seat in the cabin can be adjusted specifically to reduce the operator’s fatigue, especially during jobs that last for several hours. Also, this mini Yanmar excavators has a LED monitor and new digital dashboard.

The Yanmar SV26 requires little maintenance and can be serviced very easily thanks to the wide side covers and the opening top, enabling better access to the engine and all other parts. The access panels can be removed very easily, and this additionally increases the efficiency of the excavator. The cylinders are well-protected and do not require specific maintenance, only if they break down. Lastly, the operating temperature of the SV26 Yanmar excavator is significantly reduced for more efficient performance.

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