The Suggested Safety Features of Hyster Forklifts

Regarded as the best manufacturer of forklifts, Hyster is a number one choice for many Australians. Reliable and always innovative, Hyster design and produce lifting equipment for different applications. The Hyster forklifts are described as tough, heavy-duty and durable performers, but they are also known as the most cost-effective machines that can be found on the market. Either powered by gas, fuel or diesel, the Hyster forklifts are highly efficient and productive. Every lifting machine from Hyster comes with many unique capabilities and features. The company offers a wide range of accessories/features that can be extremely helpful in specific applications and environments. Here are the suggested safety features of the Hyster forklifts:


Rear Drive Handle With A Horn Button – Every forklift from Hyster is equipped with a rear drive handle which enables the operators to drive carefully in reverse. This handle has additional horn button which allows the operator to move his hand easily to the center of the steering wheel.

Visible & Audible Devices – For improved overall safety, the Hyster forklifts are designed with visible and audible devices, such as back-up alarm, motion alarm, flash lights, rotating lights, strobe lights and many other optional warning devices. Also, they come with reverse operation audible alarm which is used to warn the pedestrians and the rest of the crew on the job site. All visible and audible devices are resistant to vibration shocks, water and dust.

Enclosed Operator Cab – When it comes to the cabin, the Hyster forklifts stand for their comfortable cabs. The enclosed operator cab is made from high-quality components to keep the operator safe when operating during bad weather conditions and in difficult terrains. A tempered glass with incredible strength and an emergency window exit ensure maximum operator safety.

Several Performance Modes – With Hyster forklifts, operators have several performance modes. The operator can choose a mode that is most efficient for a specific application. Also, the operators can achieve huge money savings by operating at Eco-mode when high-performance is not needed.

Panoramic And Dual Rear View Mirrors – For increased operator safety, the Hyster forklifts come with panoramic and dual rear view mirrors. The mirrors provide better observation on the operating environment in front and behind the unit.

Aiden Jones

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