The Suggested Types Of Mobile Cranes

When it comes to lifting equipment, there are two main groups of cranes: fixed and mobile cranes. Both categories can be divided further into many other sub-categories. The mobile cranes are popular lifting machines, because they deliver more benefits and advantages than the fixed cranes. The most commonly uses mobile cranes are the following ones:



Truck-Mounted Crane: The most common mobile crane is the truck-mounted crane. The truck-mounted crane is very simple lifting machine: a truck with a typical crane mechanism mounted at the rear. This combination provides an incredible mobility and flexibility, allowing the operators to lift and transport different kinds of materials. The lifting capacity of this mobile crane varies from 1 to 50 tonnes. Also, the truck-mounted cranes don’t require an additional vehicle or machine for transportation from one job site to another. These machines are capable to travel on highways and local roads. For additional stability, the truck-mounted cranes use outrigger mechanism (stabilizing legs) and move slowly when loaded to prevent tipping over.

Gantry Crane: Although the typical gantry crane is fixed, there is also a mobile version on the market. A typical gantry mobile crane uses a system of beams and wheels. The mobile gantry cranes can move along train tracks, either self-propelled or pulled by other vehicle (or worker, depending on the size). The gantry mobile crane comes in different sizes, and every model is used for specific application. Also, there are mobile gantry cranes that can be dismantled into smaller pieces in order to be transported easily, and then re-assembled on the job site. Some gantry mobile crane models are only suitable for light-duty applications, while some can deal with heavy loads at ship yards, manufacturing industries, warehouses, etc. However, the gantry mobile crane is known as a crane for loading and unloading freight ships.

Rough Terrain Crane: The rough terrain crane is a popular mobile crane, designed to carry out tough lifting operations on rough terrains. The crane mechanism is mounted on top of the undercarriage, supported by four heavy-duty rubber wheels. The rough terrain crane is often compared with the crawler crane, but it doesn’t use a set of tracks. Also, the crawler cranes are very stable and don’t require outrigger mechanism like this mobile crane. The rough terrain crane moves slowly when loaded for increased safety and stability.

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