The Suggested Network Testing Tools

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Network testing is a great way to test your network with the help of network testing tools. Network testing is very useful during changes, network deployments and troubleshooting. You can benchmark performance and find potential problems in the network in order to ensure you are getting the needed bandwidth and speed. With the advanced and modern technology, nowadays there are many network testing tools on the market. The ones you choose will depend only on your requirements. Have a look at the most popular networking tools available on the market these days.

  • Punch Down Tool – A punch down tool is a hand tool used by network and telecommunication technicians in order to punch the wires onto a patch panels, punch down block, etc. Most punch down tools have impact type and consist of a handle, removable slotted blade and an internal spring mechanism. In order to use the punch down tool, the wire should be placed into a slotted post after which the punch down tool must be pressed down on top of the power. For lighter use, you can buy less expensive punch down tool with fixed blades and no impact mechanism.
  • Cable Tester – A cable tester is a unit used to test the connectivity and strength of a specific cable or other wired unit. There are many types of cable testers, which are able to test a specific type of wire and cable. These network testing tools can test whether a wire or a cable is set up correctly, connected to the proper source points, and whether the communication strength between the source and destination is strong enough in order to serve its purposes.
  • Crimp Tool – Crimping tools are networking tools designed to connect and crimp a connector to the end of a particular cable. If you want to use these networking tools, you will need to place each wire into the connector and then squeeze the handles together. Crimping makes the connector puncture, keeping the wires together. This prevents the wires from falling out and enables data to be transmitted from the connector to each wire.

These are one of the most popular and commonly used network testing tools nowadays. So, if you need these or some other type of a networking tool, find a reliable and reputable company that offers only high quality networking tools. In case you do not know any reputable and trustworthy company specialized in networking and data products, research online, read customer reviews or ask around. Only this way you can buy high quality products and tools.

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