The Suggested Service for a new vehicle

No matter how long you think your new car will last until it’s first service, you have to be prepared and know where to take it for repair. The dilemma will always be whether you should take it to one of manufacturer auto shops or local garage mechanics. Off course, it seems that official manufacturers have the advantage over local mechanics since they have more experience and technical information about every model that they produce. However, what decides where you’ll have regular car service or pre purchase done is car’s warranty and the costs of the service. Today, most auto service shops have certificates that allows them to work on cars without compromising warranty terms. Yet, some do not have those certificates and it’s up to the customer to identify those.

Cost, as always, is an important factor when it comes to buying a product or a service. So, the amount of money you’ll have to pay to repair your car, will make you decide if you’ll take the car to corporate auto shops or elsewhere. To get a sense of how of price difference between local and official brand services, have a talk with your friends, neighbor or colleague. Considering terms of your car warranty, it is probably best if you have a manufacturer auto shop technician handle the repair.


As a relief to head-spinning prices on car repairs, you should know that some regular services are doable by owners. Stuff like pre purchase vehicle inspection, oil replacement, tire maintenance and some other simple services can be done at home. Moreover, if you are really interested, you can visit special courses provided by automotive institutions. With these you can be able to perform more complex tasks such as transmission and brake repairs Melbourne automotive association offers these as part of it’s program to educate drivers on vehicle maintenance.

As we mentioned at the beginning, warranty issues influence the decision on which service shop to visit. Whether it’s a new car or a used one, it does not matter, as used cars have warranties that are transferable to owners. But before warranty transfer can be made, you need to do a pre purchase vehicle inspection in order to determine that the car operates at its best. Once everything is tested good, you can to the transfer.

Another issue that is worth considering before you decide to take your car for service is price of parts. Most local mechanics don’t sell parts and are required to order them before they do your car service. Hence, parts can arrive at the garage after days or even weeks, making the final bill more expensive. Our advice to you is to buy parts on your own, whether online or through a retailer. Not only that you’ll buy a certain part at a lower price, but the whole repair procedure will be done in on or two days.

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