The Suggested Types Of Love Poems For Him

In poetry you can write about almost everything, due to the broad range of themes poetry covers, there are many forms to write love poems for him, especially when it comes to love as the subject. Love poetry, in general, is written to convey love as it is experienced from the writer.

The poem can be about expressing your emotions in your current relationship, about unconditional love or love that’s not mutual, about broken heart or about feelings that the poet cannot usually express through verbal communication. Love poems speak about your deepest desires, passion and vulnerability of love as well as the pain and suffering of unreturned love. Doing a great act of romance like writing a love poem for him will demonstrate how much you care and love this special someone.



It’s not always necessary for a love poem to be long and nostalgic, sometimes with choosing the right words, what you need to say can be very short and dazzling. In fact, it’s short length may show that you put a lot of efforts to make every word count, thus the desired reaction of your beloved to this ultimate act of romance will be guaranteed.
Depending the structure and the theme of the poem, there are three general distinctive types of poetry:


Lyric Poetry

A lyric poem is especially song- like and emotional, comparatively short poem, in which the poet expresses personal feelings or state of mind. Originally a composition meant for musical accompaniment, in ancient Greece the lyric was a song accompanied by the lyre. These poems do not tell a story, they primary focus on personal emotions and attitudes.
Some of the most common subcategories of lyric poetry are:

  • Sonnet – A 14-line poem and an intricate rhyme pattern, originated in Italy and brought to England in the 16th century. Used for describing the lover’s hopes and pains, also can be humorous. Sonnet cycles contain more strophes which portray different stages of the relationship. The poem reflects on a single sentiment and builds up to culmination in the ending verses.Ode – Formal lyric poem often long and meant for
  • Ode – Formal lyric poem often long and meant for a special ceremony, celebrates a person, place or idea, ultimately elevates to revelation. Originated in Ancient Greece, its strophe’s forms vary, it uses metaphors, similes and sometimes hyperbole.
  • Elegy – In traditional English poetry, it’s often a melancholy poem lamenting the death of a person, or sometimes a poem that deals with questions about death. The structure of an elegy is a quatrain with the rhyme scheme ABAB written in iambic pentameter.


Narrative Poetry

A narrative poem tells a story, has a plot, often evolving around a specific individuals, like a love interest, hero or someone significant and series of connected events. Always told by a narrator. Subcategories of narrative poetry:

  • Epic – A long narrative poem written in elevated style, in which a heroic protagonist engages in an action of great historical significance and usually supernatural creatures take part in the action.
  • Ballad – Originally interpreted like a song, generally about telling a love story similar to a folk tale or legend, and often contains a repeated refrain. We can freely say that a ballad is a story in poetic form, it was adapted for literary uses in 16th century. The ballad’s structure is usually a four–line strophe, alternating three or four metrical feet.


Dramatic Poetry

Dramatic poetry is any drama that is written in verse and it’s meant to be recited. It refers to a particular situation, usually telling a story. This kind of poetry includes dramatic monologues, closet drama and rhyme verse.


Other types of love poems for him:

Limerick Poetry

Usually poem about love, written from a humorous standpoint and intended to be funny. Limerick’s structure is a fixed light-verse form of five generally anapestic lines rhyming in the following order AABBA. The subject may describe the romantic love of a person, place, or a thing.

Haiku Poetry

A Japanese form of poetry of three on- rhyming lines in five, seven, and five moras. Mora is a sound unit similar to syllable but not identical. This method of organizing verses creates a single, memorable picture which increases and captures the effect of the poem.

Acrostic Poetry

A poem where the first, last or other letters in a line of each verse, spell a word, name or phrase when read vertically. Fun and easy to write poetic form.

Free Verse Poetry

A poem that has no fixed metric form and the verses either rhyme or don’t, it just follows the natural rhythms of speech. It allows the writer to break from the traditional formula and bend the rules which mean more flexibility when choosing the right words.

Whichever form of poetry you prefer and choose, expressing your feelings through a love poem – cherished and everlasting gift, will symbolize your affections for him and will definitely take his breath away and make him love you more.


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