The Suggested Way To Shrink Wrap Your Products


Shrink wrapping is a finishing service where a product is being wrapped in a clear shrink wrap or plastic film which, with the help of heat, shrinks and wraps tight around it. Shrink wrapping is a very cost-effective solution for protecting products and mail outs from damaging external factors.

Depending on customer’s needs, the number and type of products needed to be wrapped, finishing service provider will first determine which clear shrink wrap is to be used to ensure complete product protection. Next, the finishing service provider needs to select the right shrink wrapping equipment and finally, package the product. Shrink wrapping process may last longer depending on the product and its size. However, by entrusting your product shrink wrapping to the best finishing service provider, you can be sure that your products will meet targeted audience intact and in time. Here’s what every well equipped and experienced finishing service provider does in order to ensure the best shrink wrapping.

Determine The Clear Shrink Wrap Need

  • To determine the type and the thickness of the clear shrink wrap, finishing service provider must know how much the product weights. There are 2 most commonly used types of clear shrink wrap, Polyolefin and PVC shrink film. Polyolefin shrink wrapping film has strong seal and is recommended for sealing heavier products. For products which weight between 15 and 18kg, a 100 gauge polyolefin shrink wrapping is used. A 75 gauge polyolefin clear shrink wrap is used for products which weight between 2 and 15kg and a 60 gauge polyolefin for smaller products (2-3kg).
  • The height, length, width and the widest point of the product are important factors for every shrink wrapping finishing service provider. The measurement is essential to help determine whether to use a shrink tubing, a centerfold shrink wrap or a shrink bag. If all products are the same size, finishing service provider will most likely use a centerfold shrink film or a shrink bag. A shrink wrapping tube is commonly used when wrapping objects of same circumference, but different lengths.

Select The Right Equipment

  • Once finishing service provider has decided on the clear shrink wrap type, selecting the right shrink wrapping equipment is important.
  • Which sealer will finishing service provider use depends on the type of clear shrink wrap. For shrink tubing and shrink bags, finishing service provider will most likely use an I-Bar sealer, and for centerfold shrink wrap, a L-Bar sealer.

Package The Product – The final step is shrink wrapping the products. The finishing service provider first places the product into the shrink bag or shrink tubing and creases or seals open ends. The excess clear shrink wrap film is trimmed and the heat is applied until the clear shrink wrap film shrinks tightly onto the product.

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