The Suggested Ways To Choose And Use Heart Rate Monitors

Fitness is not all about the amount of exercise you get, but the intensity of the exercise. The heart rate doesn’t have to be too high, nor too low, but how can you know what is your target heart rate during exercises? Now it’s easy with the incredible and innovative heart rate monitors, which help you know your heart rate at any time. This tool can help you find your right target zone of heartbeats per minute and can tell you when to slow down or speed up to achieve the best results of your workout.


There are two different types of heart rate monitors:

  • chest-strap
  • strapless models.

The chest strap heart rate monitors use a wireless sensor to detect your pulse electronically and send it to the receiver, which is in form of a wrist watch that can display your heart rate. The most basic models measure your heart rate all the time and give you continuous, average, low and high heart rate data, while some more advanced models use a coded signal to prevent other monitors interfering with your heart rate. If you want your speed, elevation, distance or calories counter, you can attach a foot pod to your shoelace.

The strapless models have most of the characteristics of chest-strap models, but instead of straps, they use a built-in sensor into the wrist watch that detects your pulse. These are less accurate and cannot be paired with speed and distance sensors, but they do not bring the discomfort of chest-strap models.

There are many people who may be in need of a heart rate monitor. Depending on your goals and current condition, you need to create a program that is especially suited to you, with the help of an expert. Here are few groups of exercisers who may benefit from using heart rate monitors.

  • Runners – Running can be highly intensive workout and knowing your exact heart rate can help you make your run more efficient. A heart rate monitor can keep you running in your peak target zone.
  • Cyclists – If you are riding your bike often, you probably need a heart rate monitor to help you track your training performance during tempo, interval and endurance rides. Regardless of the terrain, this device can show you the target zones which are crucial when your goal is to burn more fat.
  • Walkers and Joggers – Even recreational walkers and joggers can enjoy the benefit of wearing a heart rate monitor on their wrists. The heart rate monitors can help them get the most of their exercising time.
  • Skiers, Hikers And Climbers – These exercisers will also love wearing one of these innovative technological devices, so they can condition more effectively for a peak ascent.

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