Australian Trucking Industry Sector

Trucking industry has a vital role in the overall wealth, resources, production and expenditures of Australia. Given country’s low population density and lengthy distances between states, Australian economy heavily relies on transportation and logistics sector. In fact, the trucking industry sector is responsible for about 15% of total GDP. At the moment industry employs over 550,000 people with high transport performance of more than 1.5 billion tonne-kilometers per day. The road sector, although at the moment experiencing the slowdown, is the key sector of Australian trucking industry.

Road transport employs over 40,000 truck operators and generates more than $48 billion in revenue per year. Industry experts predict a 75% growth in the next two decades because industry leaders are investing in safety, training of the operators and technology. In addition, growing online market is believed to have a huge impact on the overall performance of the road sector as it promises profitable opportunities for single-truck operators and smaller businesses. It is a place where individuals and businesses can hire, buy and sell trucks. All this will lead to more advantages, improved customer service, strong branding, increased safety, competitive rates and greater risk.

Taking risks is part of any industry. It is essential to know how to balance risk and profits to reach satisfactory results. We will keep you updated with the latest happenings in the trucking and logistics industry.

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