The Suggested Types of Camper Trailers

If you are on your way of becoming an RVer, first you need to determine what kind of recreational vehicle will suit you best. There are hundreds of different models, types and makes of trailers for camping, each featuring pros, cons and options. In general, the perfect camper trailer you should own is lightweight, compact and has a low profile for easy towing, but also has enough storage and living space and all the essential features for comfortable living. But there is no such thing as a perfect camper trailer. However, there are different camper trailer types available to suit a variety of camping styles and needs.


Fifth Wheel Camper Trailer



The fifth wheel is the largest trailer and offers the most living space. This camper trailer is easy to tow and comes in all sizes, with the largest ones requiring 1-tonne towing vehicles for towing. Fifth wheels have the forward section raised, to allow a bi-level floor plan. This provides a lot of space in the living area of the trailer, making it the best choice for all those who seek maximum room in their camp trailers. If you own a large-capacity truck to match the weight of the trailer, purchase a fifth wheel.


Travel Trailer



The travel trailer is the most popular type in the history of trailers. Low cost and available in many different size options, travel trailers can be towed by SUVs, ultra-light towing vehicles, a half-tonne pickups and larger models of medium-duty trucks. Larger travel trailer models come with a kitchen, a bathroom and a bedroom, as well as with large holding tanks for water. This camper trailer is a perfect choice for families, as it comes with all the amenities of a comfortable temporary home.


Pop-Up Trailer



If you are looking for the cheapest and simplest type of camper trailer, pop-up trailer is your best choice. Ultra light in weight, relatively small in size and able to be towed by virtually any vehicle, this camper trailer is designed to offer many of the conveniences of all other trailer types, but at a more affordable price. However, setting up this camper trailer requires more efforts, especially if it’s raining. When not in use, these compact trailers can be stored just anywhere since they take up very little space.


Class C (Mini) Motorhomes

Class C (Mini) Motorhomes-camper-trailer


Built on a van chassis, Class C motorhomes are a great choice for camping. Unlike Class A and Class B motorhomes, these trailers are smaller and offer advantages in costs. The mini motorhomes come with comfortable sleeping (6-8 people) and living area, thus are ideal for families. They come with an automotive style driver and passenger doors, which many drivers love. If you are not prepared to invest in a Class A motorhome, the Class C motorhome might also be an excellent choice for life on the road.

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