Unspoken By Dee Henderson – Suggested Suspense Novel You Won’t Be Able To Put Down

Dee Henderson is a famous Christian writer of fiction novels. With 14 best-selling inspirational romantic suspense novels, Henderson won a number of prestigious awards. She was awarded with the National Readers’ Choice Award, Christy Award, Golden Quill, and Holt Medallion.

One of the best-selling books from this Christian author is “Unspoken”. It is a beautiful romance full with intrigue and secrets. Unspoken by Dee Henderson is a book that has captivated the hearts of numerous readers all around the world. The combination of mystery and romance has proved to be the recipe for the huge success of this book.

The story of Unspoken by Dee Henderson revolves around the life of a young girl named Charlotte. Charlotte is a quiet and nice young girl who was a victim of kidnapping. After four long years, she was rescued by the police. Although she is now free, with new identity and new profession, she cannot escape the bad memories that haunt her. Charlotte refuses to talk with someone about her kidnapping and the years she spent in captivity. She decides to hold the wounds deep inside her.



The main question in the book Unspoken by Dee Henderson is: Should Charlotte open her hearth and speak about the painful memories, or is it better some things to be left unspoken?

One day, Charlotte goes to the local coin store where she meets Bryce Bishop, the coin store owner. She offers him a collection of coins inherited by her grandfather. Since their first meeting, Bryce is intrigued not only by the coins offered by Charlotte, but also by the circumstances under which she makes the offer. With time, they get to know each other, and Bryce becomes even more fascinated and interested about who she really is. But, will Charlotte ever trust Bryce enough to open her hearth about her secrets from the kidnapping, or some things will stay unspoken forever? To find the answer of this question, buy the book Unspoken by Dee Henderson. No matter which genre you prefer, one thing is for sure, when you’ll be reading this suspense novel, you won’t be able to put the book down.

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