Vehicle Consoles: Purpose, Types & Suggestions

Utility vehicles have enjoyed years of success in Australia and their popularity seems to only be increasing in the past few years. The HiLux especially has been enjoying the number one spot as a best-selling vehicle in the past few years. The reasons for its success are its reliability and the fact that there have been no factory issues in years. They’ve become the number one choice utility vehicle for both tradespeople and the average commuter.Hilux Roof Console For Sale

The popularity of the HiLux has made it so there are parts for every model and make available at affordable prices. Moreover, there are accessories that are made to improve the driving experience, one of which is the console. The two most popular types consoles are the centre and roof console. You can easily find a centre and HiLux roof console for sale online that will fit your model and make.

When you add a console to your vehicle, you get some really convenient features like a cup holder, CD storage space, power connections for your electronic gadgets and numerous other features. Moreover, consoles are extremely customisable and tend to your specific needs. One of the best things about installing a console is you don’t need to heavily modify your vehicle, and the installations are typically sturdy and secure.

Finding a HiLux roof console for sale has been especially easy lately, as these models have grown in popularity due to a few factors. First and foremost, they offer all the same functions as conventional overhead consoles, but they don’t take up headroom from the driver and passengers. They don’t require a lot of space to be installed and aren’t heavy at all. As a result, your HiLux will feel spacious, even if it has a lower roofline.

It does everything the overhead console can, except better. Its functionality, feel and look also play a huge role in its popularity, in addition to its ecological and economical benefits. It allows users to operate some features of the car with a simple “swipe” motion. And there are many of them designed for specific models and makes, to ensure the perfect fit for your vehicle.

Some models oftentimes include front interior reading lights, microphone cable holder to stop cables from dangling in front of your face, smart, thermoplastic rubber used to safely cushion your locker box contents and radio, optional inserts to mount smaller radios, a standard DIN sized radio mounting slot, and much more.

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