Why Do Off-Road Enthusiasts Suggest an Aftermarket Exhaust System?

There aren’t many SUVs that can outperform the Land Cruiser both on and off the road. It offers a smooth ride, while being rugged enough to handle rough an off-road adventure. Its sheer reliability has made it one of the best selling vehicles in Australia in the past several years, and its sturdy frame has made it a favourite among tradespeople and off-road enthusiasts.

Land Cruiser Exhaust

However, a lot of off-road enthusiasts argue that its exhaust system stands in the way of its off-road performance, and that the fuel economy is far from ideal. Luckily, the solution is quite simple and not all that expensive – an aftermarket Land Cruiser exhaust. It’s common knowledge that stock exhaust systems on every vehicle aren’t made with performance in mind, but cost-saving. In other words, car manufacturers look to cut the cost on the vehicle wherever they can, and most of the time the exhaust system is made of materials that are good enough to get-by.

Most stock exhaust systems are made of mild steel, which is decent but doesn’t have the heat, corrosion and rust resistant properties that an aluminised and stainless steel aftermarket Land Cruiser exhaust has. Moreover, aftermarket exhaust systems oftentimes include pipes with a wider diameter, which improves gas flow significantly, and as a result, improves fuel economy – something the Land Cruiser can definitely benefit from.

When left with the choice of aluminised vs stainless steel, there’s one key factor to consider, in order to make the right choice – the climate in which you drive in. A climate where the humidity is generally high, you’re better off with a stainless steel exhaust. Conversely, if you’re driving in a dry climate for the most part, an aluminised steel exhaust is the better solution. Aluminised steel is very lightweight, costs less, but doesn’t have the same levels of moisture, rust and corrosion resistance.

If you opt for a stainless steel exhaust system, worth knowing is that not all stainless steel is the same. In the exhaust world, the two most commonly used types of stainless steel are T304 and T409. The main difference between the two is the amount of nickel they contain. T304 is the higher grade stainless steel, oftentimes used in the aviation and marine industry, and it’s rated as marine grade steel. T409, on the other hand, is the most commonly used one for manufacturing exhausts, because it’s more affordable, yet offers durability and great rust and corrosion resistant properties.

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