Why is it Suggested to Have Vehicle Seat Covers

The first things that wear down inside a vehicle are usually the seat covers. That’s mainly because they take the most abuse out of everything. They experience severe wear and tear from the sun, pets, dirt, spills, even sharp materials in your back pockets can damage them. If your seat covers have started to wear down, and you’re considering buying new ones, then you have a few things to factor in before you open up your wallet and make an investment.

Car seat covers are available in almost any physical and online car accessories shop, in many designs and colours. Their main goal is to protect your car’s upholstery, and their secondary purpose is to enhance your vehicle’s comfort and interior look. When browsing through a car accessories shop, you’ll find seat covers that range from economical to top-of-the-line. Regardless which you end up choosing, you’ll likely have an easy time installing them yourself, otherwise, you’ll need some help from a mechanic.

Seat Covers

When ordering your brand new seat covers, knowing your vehicle’s model, year and make are helpful pieces of information to have. That way you ensure a perfect fit. However, you shouldn’t just dismiss universal seat covers, as they might provide a snug fit as well. When looking up seat covers online, knowing the size and shape of your seat can be very helpful.

Generally, car seats are categorised in a few categories, such as: bucket, captain, jump, solid bench, split bench and sport. Furthermore, you should take the head and arm rests into consideration, as well as the placement of buttons, switches and knobs. If you’re unsure of your vehicle’s seat design, you can contact a dealership or the manufacturer directly for clarification.

Next, the material of the seat cover plays a crucial role in the longevity, appeal and comfort of the seat. Some of the factors to consider are whether the material is washable or not, how it responds to temperature, the texture and its overall quality. Some of the more popular materials include fur, canvas, leather, sheepskin, suede, vinyl and velour. Regardless which material you choose, its longevity, comfort and look will mostly depend on its overall quality.

You’ll have to decide between synthetic and natural material. It’s mostly up to personal preference and budget, with natural materials being the more expensive option. Synthetic is usually more economical, and it may not be the real deal, but it can surely replicate the feel and look like the real material.


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