7 Great Reasons for Using Stevia Powder

More and more people around Australia have begun to see the bad effects that refined sugars have on our health. This is why more Australian’s are turning to healthy alternatives like stevia. Stevia is something that has been around for a long time, but has only recently grown in popularity. It is a great alternative when it comes to replacing sugar in your diet and there are many added benefits. You can easily find granulated stevia, liquid stevia, and stevia powder Australia wide which makes adding it into your diet so easy. If you want to know some of the benefits that come along with consuming stevia keep reading below to find out more.

Using Stevia Powder

1. Lowers Blood Sugar
One of the many benefits of stevia is its ability to control blood glucose levels. It is commonly used as a sugar substitute by diabetics all across the globe. Stevia contains a compound known as steviol glycoside which the body cannot absorb or break down. This means that it is just flushed out of your system. As well as stabilizing your blood sugar it also inhibits your body from absorbing glucose and keeps your pancreas healthy.

2. Controls High Blood Pressure
According to many studies, stevia can also lower your blood pressure, especially in people who suffer from hypertension. The results are usually pretty slow and take about 1 – 2 years but the evidence is still there. People who are more likely to get hypertension can start including it in their diet to avoid hypertension.

3. Aids Dandruff & Acne
There are many properties in stevia that help with treating dandruff and acne like antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties. The leaves of the stevia plant have also been used to repair dry and damaged hair throughout the ages.

4. Slows Wrinkles & Ageing
There are properties in stevia that also slow down the ageing process and slow the formation of wrinkles. A compound called retinoic acid works by stopping your skin cells breaking down collagen and elastin which is what keeps your skin looking young. It also helps regulate sebum production meaning that you get less acne.

5. Protects Teeth & Gums
The antibacterial properties in stevia prevent gingivitis. These compounds help prevent colonization of bacteria in the mouth, especially in the gums. Without bacteria in your mouth, your teeth cannot form cavities and your gums are protected from developing gingivitis.

6. Help You Lose Weight
You can find people using stevia powder Australia wide in order to help them lose weight. There are no calories in stevia which is why it is such a huge part in replacing sugar in diets. Refined sugars come with a lot of calories that can make you gain weight, that is why stevia is great for people trying to lose weight. You can satisfy your sweet tooth without feeling guilty about it.

7. Helps Your Body Heal
The antibacterial properties that are found in stevia help prevent harmful bacteria from forming. This means that you are less likely to get an infection and your wounds should heal faster. Some people even believe that it reduces pain in wounds.

Mia Hadson

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