Close-up of pistons and piston pins

Everything You Need to Know about Piston Pins

Serious performance upgrades begin with the engine internals. The pistons and connecting rods are some of the most tortured mechanical parts there are, but what is often overlooked is what connects them. Humble piston pins may not be worth mentioning, but this is the missing link in getting all that power down to the wheels…. continue reading →

Repair Tools For Every Motorcycle Rider

The Suggested Repair Tools Every Motorcycle Rider Should Own

Owning a motorcycle entails a commitment to maintaining a human-machine relationship. You don’t need to be a professional mechanic to properly care for your bike. So, be prepared with the right repair tools and your bike’s service manual to unleash your inner mechanic in an emergency!

close-up of conrods

The Whats and Hows of Conrods

Rebuilding a Barra or Commodore and want more power? Or maybe a Skyline or Supra? Chances are you’ll be looking for bottom end parts to wring out the last remaining horses and add a few more. The engine internals are where modifications to stock vehicles start to get serious. You know what you want, and… continue reading →

The Lowdown on Car Tow Bars

If you’ve ever driven a car or truck with a trailer in tow, then there’s a good chance you’re pretty familiar with the Australian towing laws, or the fact that there’s no shortage of them. It’s with good reason, though. Not counting the professional and more casual trailer owners, roughly a tenth of Australian families… continue reading →

Boost Gauges

Everything You Need to Know about Boost Gauges

You won’t find a carmaker on the Aussie market that doesn’t have a least one turbocharged model in the lineup. Turbocharging is certainly the direction in which the industry is going, along with smaller displacement engines. Some may be fuming that big V8s are now V6s and what used to be an inline 6, now… continue reading →