roof rack

Suggested 4×4 Accessories Before Heading to Your Next Adventure

Different drivers upgrade their 4×4 for different reasons. Some prefer to upgrade the interior with seat covers for it to be easy on the eye and comfortable, while others don’t stop searching for ways to increase the vehicle’s performance. But at the end of the day, both comfort and functionality are very important.

brake pad

A Complete Driver’s Guide to Car Brake Pads

Brake pads are a part of a newer braking system which uses a disc instead of a drum (this was used on older vehicles). They are basically small steel pieces with friction material on one side. When pressed against the rotor, the pad applies pressure which stops the wheel from turning. This motion is activated… continue reading →

How to Find the Suggested Off-Road Lights for Your Holden

When taking your Holden through the Australian outback, having additional protection in the form of an extra pair of off-road lights is not only recommended but essential. That’s simply because there are various animals, such as kangaroos, that may be a little bit too keen to jump right in front of you to say hi. Not… continue reading →

ford ranger accessories aftermarket

The Suggested Off-Road Accessories for Your Ford Ranger

While the Ford Ranger is built with durability and reliability in mind, there’s no arguing that there’s room for improvement. There are many Ford Ranger accessories aftermarket manufacturers offer at affordable prices that can make your Ranger an indestructible monster that can conquer Australia’s rough terrains. However, with so many aftermarket accessories available nowadays, it… continue reading →

car hub bearing maintenance

How to Find the Suggested Wheel Bearings For Your Vehicle

Your vehicle’s wheel bearings are an essential part designed to minimise friction when the wheels are turning, which can make a huge contribution towards fuel savings and the reduction of carbon emissions. If you suspect your wheel bearings are wearing down, then you should probably consider replacing them as soon as possible. But with so… continue reading →

isuzu mux accessories

Isuzu MU-X Accessories: The Suggested 4WD Vehicle Upgrades

Exploring new tracks or hunting wild animals are things best done with the help of a 4×4 as its capabilities allow for better maneuvering through rough terrain and unpredictable areas. This is why having some safety accessories installed on your vehicle is paramount. However, I am not talking about just any accessories – you need… continue reading →