underwear thermal

The Suggested Material for Your Underwear Thermal Layers

Some call it baselayer while others know it as a next-to-skin layer. Regardless of what it’s called, thermal underwear is vital for ensuring the safety and comfort when engaged in a cold-weather activity. A poor choice of thermal wear can lead to rubbing or chafing when you sweat and can even cause hypothermia if you… continue reading →

fenix torches

Exploring The Most Commonly Suggested 1000 Lumen Fenix Torches

Founded in 2004, Fenix has ever since been manufacturing high quality illumination tools. Their first flashlight, called L1+ took the world by surprise back in 2005 and was considered the flashlight of the year by a lot of online media outlets, users and even competitors. In the following years, the company had multiple headline-worthy flashlights… continue reading →

double swags

Swags: The Suggested Option for Camping

Camping makes an ideal way to spend a holiday for a number of reasons: it offers you the chance to get away from the surroundings and immerse yourself in nature, get your daily dose of fresh air, exercise with the various types of adventure, it could be kayaking, hiking, rock climbing or anything in between,… continue reading →