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art in frames on a wall

From Canvas to Wall: How to Choose the Right Frame for Your Art

Framing artwork serves as more than just a finishing touch; it plays a crucial role in preserving the piece, enhancing its aesthetics, and protecting it against environmental factors. However, finding the right frame can be challenging. You want it to complement the art without overpowering it. That’s why choosing a frame that complements the piece… continue reading →

woman decorating Hampton bookshelf

The Suggested Ways to Style a Hamptons Bookshelf

Having an organised and clutter-free home is the dream of every homeowner. Storage and display are priorities for many homeowners, and luckily there are storage furniture pieces like bookshelves that can beautifully fulfil these needs. Aside from their main purpose to store and keep books safe, these beautiful storage pieces can also be used for… continue reading →