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Contemporary patio

8 Elements of a Cosy Patio Space

So, you want to make the best out of your patio space? The first thing to do is gather all your wishes and desires, ideas and trends that interest you, and begin mentally designing your dream patio. Don’t think about budgets or being too realistic at this point. You simply need to set the stage… continue reading →

light shade

A Comprehensive Guide to Lamp Shades

Our homes require a variety of light sources to be properly illuminated and to allow us to see what we are doing. This can be done with a combination of natural and artificial light sources. One of the most common artificial light sources is the lamp, which uses a variety of different types of bulbs… continue reading →

Commercial Pizza Oven

Viva la Pizza: 5 Types of Commercial Pizza Oven

If you are an owner of a pizza restaurant, or you consider opening one, you need to supply yourself with the right equipment for making this delicious, widely adored meal. Besides, knowing how to make the perfect dough, you need to provide the perfect menu, the best pizza sheeter, and the appropriate type of oven for… continue reading →