8 Elements of a Cosy Patio Space

So, you want to make the best out of your patio space? The first thing to do is gather all your wishes and desires, ideas and trends that interest you, and begin mentally designing your dream patio. Don’t think about budgets or being too realistic at this point. You simply need to set the stage for your ideal space. Pinterest and interior designers, as well as your friends’ and neighbours’ patios, can be great sources of inspiration.

If you’re planning a full patio renovation, ask around for contractors or landscapers who can turn your vision into a reality. But if you only want to make a minor change to your outdoor space, you might be able to use items you already have to brighten it up. Whatever the plan, here are the basic 8 elements of cozy patio space.

Gather Around a Teak Garden Table

Modern patio with teak table
source: housebeautiful.com

A cosy patio begins with the appropriate seating for your space. Choose weather-resistant materials such as teak classic outdoor tables, adorn them with quality fabrics, and bring your cushions inside when it rains. Chaise lounges are exterior chairs that invite you to “sit back, relax, and unwind.” You may never get back up after sitting. They’re especially useful for a poolside patio, where you might want to relax and warm up before diving back in!

Hanging chairs are also eye-catching seats that require some assembly, but they’re one of our favourite patio ideas. Most hanging seats come with a freestanding frame, so make sure you have plenty of room (not to mention some space for the chair to swing).

The layout of your seating area is also determined by the amount of space available and the message you want your seating to convey. Is your outdoor fireplace the focal point of your outdoor living space? Create a seating area around it. Do you have a large backyard that is filled with botanical beauty? Make the lounge area face the natural wonders of the property.

And finally, teak is an exceptionally strong and tight-grained hardwood that, with proper care, can last for generations. Its natural oils make it resistant to rot and damage, with a rich golden brown hue. This means that you can enjoy its timeless beauty for many years to come – and it’ll look great in any outdoor space.

Use Plants as a Decor

Plants in our living spaces are one of the most effective ways to add life to any room or patio. A “plant wall” is an excellent way to provide much-needed (and aesthetically pleasing) privacy between you and your neighbours.

Choose potted plants that are hardy and thrive in the native conditions of your climate. With potted plants, you can select a planter or pot that matches your style and colour scheme! Consider a cactus, bird of paradise, or tree philodendron if you’re still unsure where to begin.

Incorporate Colour Pops

Contemporary patio with teak elements
source: houzz.com

If your patio is lacking something but you’re not sure what it is, it might just need a splash of colour. The modern bungalow style, which has recently gained popularity, focuses on comfort and cosiness with bold use of colour.

Because this design is so popular, it’s simple to find patio design elements in a variety of colours. If you don’t want to mix a lot of bright colours, pick one or two to focus on. When your classic outdoor tables aren’t in use, cover them up with something bright and inviting.

Get Cosy With a Fire Pit

A fire pit is an excellent addition to a patio. There’s nothing like an evening by the fire, whether you have an in-ground or freestanding pit. If you don’t want to smoke in your outdoor space, you can still enjoy the benefits of a cosy fire pit. Fire pits and outdoor fireplaces add a cosy (pun intended) element to the patio decor. It invites people to gather for s’mores, drinks, and interesting conversations.

Make Room for Entertainment

Patio with gray furniture and TV
source: symspire.com

Bring the fun outside if your family enjoys nothing more than watching the big game! Install a flatscreen on your home’s outdoor wall and enjoy your favourite TV shows, movies, or video games in the great outdoors. Be extremely cautious, especially in the event of unexpected downpours, ice, or other devastating weather.

Purchase a sturdy cover to place over your TV when not in use, or use a detachable mount so you can bring the TV inside or in your garden shed when necessary. Even if it’s mounted on a covered patio, you should still cover it to keep dew and windy rain off of it.

Consider Cooling/Heating Methods

Not everyone lives in a climate with constant moderate temperatures. That doesn’t stop us from enjoying our patios! If you avoid going outside because it’s too hot, consider installing a fan, or even multiple fans, on your covered patio. If your patio is a little too cold for comfort, consider investing in a propane gas portable heater! Heaters are more affordable than ever and can make a significant difference on cold nights.

Incorporate an Outdoor Kitchen

Patio with outdoor kitchen
source: orangeblue.org

Who says kitchens are only for the inside? If you live in an arid or temperate climate, an outdoor kitchen (or even just a bar) is a great way to enjoy al fresco dining! Patio kitchens can even have granite countertops, cabinetry, and shelving! A pizza oven can bring delicious, homemade pizzas to any patio, even if you don’t have the space or have a small patio.

Create a Balance With Different Elements

If you’re stuck for design inspiration, a good mix of classic and modern elements is always a good place to start. Combine rounder shapes with angular lines. Contrast bright colours with neutrals. Fabric elements such as throw pillows, outdoor rugs, and blankets can be combined with materials such as wood, metal, plastic, and stone pavers. Complement older flea market finds with newer, modern patio furniture. Balance is the key to making your patio layout feel like a chic, cosy space.

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