Military Retirement Gift Tips and Suggestions to Show Your Love

Retiring from the military is a significant milestone, and it’s only fitting to recognise and honour the service and sacrifice of the retiree. Finding the perfect gift can be a challenge, but there are many thoughtful and meaningful options to choose from. So, what are some good gift ideas for retired military personnel?

There are many ways to show appreciation to a military person. From practical items to sentimental keepsakes, in this post I’ll cover a few popular options to suit any budget and taste. So, whether you’re looking for a gift for a family member, friend, or neighbour who’s a retired military member, I’ll try to give you some inspiration and guidance!

Military Figurine

military miniatures and toy soldiers


Among the most popular gifts for retired military personnel are collectable army figurines of all forms, shapes and sizes. They’re made with high-quality materials and attention to detail and are a perfect addition to any collection. They’re also available in different prices, making it easy to find the perfect one for your budget. These gifts are a beautiful and meaningful way to honour and remember the service of a military person.

You can find military figurines online made from different materials, such as metal, bronze, and resin among others. Some of them depict specific units such as special forces, while others depict general objects and scenes like soldiers in combat or pilots in flight.

The army figurines for example feature soldiers in different poses and uniforms. They’re a great gift choice to show appreciation for the service of retired army personnel. Navy figurines, on the other hand, depict sailors and naval officers in different poses and are great gifts for retired navy men. Airforce figurines feature airforce personnel in different roles like pilots and ground crew.

An army figurine is an excellent gift for collectors too. Your giftee can display it in a home or office, serving as a daily reminder of their service to the country. They can place it on a desk, bookshelf, or mantelpiece, and it’ll serve as a conversation starter and a way to keep the retiree’s service and sacrifices in the public consciousness.

When choosing a military figurine as a gift, consider the retiree’s interests and tastes! If they were in a specific unit or served in a specific role, a figurine that depicts that unit or role will be particularly meaningful to them. Additionally, consider the retiree’s personal decorating style and whether or not they’re collecting. If their home embodies a more traditional design, a traditional figurine will fit them best, while a more modern figurine will be a better choice for a retiree with a more contemporary aesthetic.

Military Apparel

military wardrobe


Military clothing is another thoughtful gift idea for a retired military member. Clothing items such as t-shirts, hats, and jackets adorned with military branch logos, patches, or slogans are a great way to show appreciation and respect for their service. You can find these clothes online in specialised military shops and they’re available in both casual and formal wear.

These clothing items are also a great gift option for the man who has everything as they’re often comfortable and practical. Furthermore, clothing items like caps, scarves, or hoodies are great for showing the retiree that they’re still a part of the military community. They can wear these apparel items out in public which will serve as a symbol of the retiree’s service and sacrifice.

Custom Plaque with Their Achievements

A fantastic way to pay respect to a military retiree is by immortalising their achievements on a well-designed plaque. This personalised gift honours their service and recognises their hard work and dedication. The plaque can include the retiree’s rank, the branch of service, and any medals or awards they received during their time in the military. Additionally, you can include a personalized message or quote to make the gift even more special.

Some other similar gifts include buying a shadow box to display their uniform and other mementos, getting them a gift certificate to a military-themed store, or arranging a special celebration or gathering with their military friends and family.

Whiskey Decanter and Glasses

A tasteful whiskey decanter set is perfect for the retiree who enjoys a nice glass of whiskey after a long day, or as a way to celebrate their retirement. A decanter and glass set makes a great addition to any home bar or living room, and it’s perfect for special occasions or just to enjoy a drink with friends and family.

You’ll find a variety of styles and designs to choose from, such as a traditional cut-glass design or a more modern, sleek design. Some sets even come with a personalised engraving of the retiree’s name or rank, making it a unique and special gift. This type of present will make a great addition to the retiree’s home and will be a constant reminder of their time in the military and the love and appreciation of their loved ones.

Set of Grilling Tools

Finally, a set of grilling essentials is a fantastic gift for the retiree who loves to cook and organise a good barbecue party. A good set of grilling tools should include a spatula, tongs, a basting brush, and a grill fork. Some also come with a carrying case, making it easy to carry the tools on a picnic or camping trip. You can also consider getting a personalised engraving of the retiree’s name on the tools to make the present more unique. This will reinforce their love of grilling and entertaining even after their military service.

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