Milwaukee PACKOUT: The Suggested Solution to Store, Protect and Transport Your Tools

Every tradesman is seeking more efficient ways to transport, store, and secure their tools. With this in mind, nearly all manufacturers of power tools have created and developed their own lines of tool storage options. But let’s face it, it’s challenging to find a job site storage option that offers complete safety as well as flexibility in the organisation.

Companies like Dewalt, Metabo, Makita, Festool, Ridgid, Bosch, Veto Pro Pac, and others have some really creative products available. However, many tradesmen find that they’re not as versatile as they should be. Well, now you can include one more brand in the mix – Milwaukee and its innovative new storage solution called the PACKOUT as the answer to every tradesman’s needs.

What Has Milwaukee Packed for You?


This innovative Milwaukee PACKOUT includes modular tool storage solutions that make it simple to lock and stack boxes, organisers, and totes of all shapes and sizes. You can arrange different PACKOUT tool boxes, organisers, and totes into a multitude of configurations to fit your needs thanks to an easy-to-use attachment mechanism. Additionally, Packout keeps growing to include products like a vacuum, radio, light, drawers, and more.

Eight pieces total—three toolboxes, two organisers, and three storage totes—make up the basic modular Milwaukee PACKOUT system. Convenience, organisation, and durability are the main design principles used in the construction of every product in the PACKOUT range.

But the system has grown almost tenfold since it first appeared on the market a few years ago. For instance, now you can buy a soft Milwaukee Packout bag that can be attached to a tote or a rolling toolbox for extra on-the-go storage. Let’s explore the available options in detail.



The mobile modular toolbox serves as the core of the Milwaukee storage system. There are two further non-wheeled toolboxes in the same category. They all share reinforced corners and an IP65 rating for resistance to water and dust.

All of the tool cases are made by using impact-resistant polymer. The lids provide mounting slots for Milwaukee Ticks as well.


Soft storage tote bags, which clip onto the top of any PACKOUT toolbox or organiser, are a feature exclusive to this Milwaukee system. For simpler travel, you may fasten the tote to the top of your PackOut gear. These totes come in three sizes: 250mm, 380mm and 500 mm and have different pocket and loop arrangements. All of them have impact-resistant moulded bases and construction made of 1680D ballistic material.

Then, there are the smaller tool bags that can increase the storage space offered by the totes or be attached as simple organisers to the rolling toolboxes. Designed with a 1680D ballistic material for maximum durability, the Milwaukee PACKOUT bag has an impact-resistant moulded base that shields the contents from water, abrasion, and impact. It also has 2 outside pockets for easy access and 6 inner pockets.

The ability to keep hand tools and power tools separated thanks to the system’s integration of totes and smaller bags is something tradesmen really value. How frequently do you actually show up to a job without any hand tools? In the end, it’s a fantastic technique to guarantee that you can modify the entire system and select precisely what you need for any work.



When you move to the Milwaukee PACKOUT organiser range, things obviously start to get a little smaller. Although not as hefty as those found on the rolling modular toolboxes, the locks are still perfect for the task. Additionally, the handles are somewhat smaller. The attachment points, however, are equally as sturdy as the tool cases.

You’ll also notice a striking resemblance to the organisers from the Milwaukee Jobsite line. You can arrange the interior boxes as you like; they are all the same. To prevent bits, fasteners, etc. from wandering next door, the lid also recesses into them. Since the lids are transparent, it is simple to tell what is within each box. Each bin is made by Milwaukee from impact-resistant plastics with an IP 65 rating.

What’s lacking in this situation is the capacity to secure the bins to the top, similar to the internal boxes on toolboxes.

The Final Word

Compared to what you would receive from a DeWalt or Ridgid, the PACKOUT is a significantly superior system—but it costs more. Although, that’s kind of like comparing an SUV constructed on a car frame to one built on a truck frame. Of course, the truck frame is going to be more expensive. Similarly, the Milwaukee PACKOUT system just belongs in a separate class when compared to the other portable storage alternatives in that regard.

What most people love, though, is the system’s customising capabilities, which come with a variety of storage options. You can get the parts needed for any work and leave the remainder in the shop or the vehicle by organising the toolboxes for power tools and accessories, the fastener organisers, and the totes and bags for hand tools. Additionally, you have a robust system that provides distinct and adaptable options for every component.

Is there still room for development? Absolutely. Each component has certain trade-offs. Overall though, every tradesman will want to join this system. Milwaukee has also informed us that this is only the beginning of what the PACKOUT will have to offer.

Aiden Jones

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