car mats

Top Tips on Buying Car Mats and How to Maintain Them

Your car’s interior can get quite dirty at any given time. Whether it’s dirt, leaves, moisture, dust, or you end up spilling something, your car floor can get ruined in an instant. Luckily, there’s a pretty simple, straightforward solution to this problem – car mats. Car mats are pretty much what they sound like –… continue reading →

clutch plate replacement

How to Find the Suggested Clutch Plate Replacement

Let’s be honest: although 95% of the new cars and trucks currently sold in Australia are equipped with automatic transmissions, most hardcore 4X4 owners and off-roaders would agree that there’s simply no substitute for a heavy-duty manual transmission. And with as many as 30% of all vehicles currently registered for road use boasting manual transmissions,… continue reading →

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