Important Safety Suggestion: Kids’ Ski Helmets for Proper Protection

High slopes are great for adrenaline seekers and ski enthusiasts. If you and your family members fall into this category, then you know what I am talking about. However, besides fun, safety is the first big thing you need to consider – for you and for all your family members, especially the kids. That is why it is strongly recommended that you use proper safety equipment.

kids Ski halmets

One of the most important items is the ski helmet and there are models made especially for kids. Kids do fall down – that is a fact, but that is how they become better skiers. So, having that in mind, kids ski helmets should be your priority when gearing up for your next trip. And kids will love them. Bold patterns, an opportunity to place a GoPro, futuristic and fun designs… who wouldn’t want one?


Know What the Helmet is Made of

When deciding on the most suitable helmet, make sure that you know the materials that are used and how the helmet is constructed. Note that kids ski helmets are specifically engineered to provide head protection and reduce/absorb impact in case of a serious fall or accident. The outer layer of the kids ski helmets is also known as the shell and it shields the head from sharp objects and knocks. Moreover, if a fall does occur, the shell will distribute the energy of the impact across the entire helmet.

The helmet wouldn’t be suitable if that outer part doesn’t work in unison with the inner liner. This part is most often made from an expanded polystyrene EPS foam that reduces the possible negative effects on the user during a fall. If an accident happens and the helmet serves its purpose, it is important that you replace it immediately after. Some parts can get damaged and not work as intended.


The Importance of Proper Fit


Halmets for skiing


If your child’s helmet is too tight or too big, it can cause great discomfort that can last the entire day and completely ruin the experience. Besides that, an ill-fitting helmet can endanger the safety of your child. You can simply measure your kid’s head with another helmet or with a tape and make sure that you get the exact size. Pay attention to the following: the helmet is supposed to feel snug on the head – but never too tight. If it rocks from side to side then it is too loose. And, finally, the strap should keep the helmet on but still be loose enough to allow your child to swallow with ease.

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