This industry has proved to be quite a popular one in the last couple of years showing progressive and stable growth. This includes increased sales on athletic apparel, sports nutrition supplements and sporting equipment. This is all thanks to increasing job opportunities, the rise in the average wage, and Australians being more focused on leading healthier more active lives. Social media and marketing strategies have also influenced this markets growth by convincing consumers that by purchasing athletic apparel it will help them reach their health and fitness goals.

The industry has grown substantially with 22.6% in online stores and 14.6% increases at retail stores. Revenue and values have also been equally impressive with online sales grossing 71 million Australian dollars and retail stores grossing a huge 2 billion Australian dollars. With more Australians becoming more technologically advanced and with technology moving forward the demand has created more than 6,792 jobs for Australians as well. Both sectors of this industry only seem to have great futures with online rising 14.6% while retail fronts have risen 8.8% and are only expected to keep rising a further 5.0% for every year in the foreseeable future.

Trends come and go and is what is keeping this industry alive and well, as well as the online front expanding to consumers all over the globe. Consumers are not limited to Australia wide anymore with more countries showing interest in Aussie businesses and sports nutrition supplements and athletic apparel which will probably only keep expanded and reaching to places it hasn’t gone before.


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