A Sea-Doo personal watercraft with fishing rods attached, docked at a marina with clear skies and city skyline in the background.

Sea-Doo Docking: Everything You Need to Know

Mastering how to properly dock your Sea-Doo is an essential skill for any rider, where watercraft are a popular way to enjoy our lakes and rivers. Docking can feel tricky at first, especially for beginners, because Sea-Doos are different from traditional boats. They don’t have rudders or brakes, and they rely on jet propulsion for… continue reading →

rain jacket

Love the Outdoors: A Guide to Rain Jackets

When we say a rain jacket the first thing that undoubtedly springs to mind is one of those well-known EVA-made yellow models that we wore as kids. And while these pieces, sometimes known as slickers, are still in use and are rather common in some countries, raincoats have gone a long way since then. There… continue reading →


The Suggested Types of Yarn Fibres for Knitting & Crocheting

Yarns are made up of a variety of fibres, blends, and materials that can be difficult to distinguish. This can make shopping for yarn challenging if you’re a beginner – how are you supposed to tell the difference between an animal, plant, and synthetic fibres? More importantly, how will you know what type of textile… continue reading →

decorative hooks

Tips and Suggestions for Choosing Decorative Hooks for Your Home

Wall hooks are an important hardware element no living space can be imagined without. Not only do they create additional storage for your coats, towels and other essentials, but nice decorative hooks can also spice up your interior décor in an affordable and easy way.  However, with the huge choice of home décor hooks on the market,… continue reading →

How to Choose the Right Transfer Paper for Your Art Project

Transfer papers are thin and low opacity papers that are widely used for tracing and transferring images. They originated in the mid-19th century and were primarily made from cotton rags. After some time, transfer papers became much cheaper and more sophisticated than they used to be and manufacturers started producing them from a wooden sulphite… continue reading →

tactical gear soldier

Guide to Buying Military and Tactical Gear

Gear first designed for heavy-duty military use has steadily made its way into a variety of fields, and into everyday clothing. High-tech fabrics and designs have paved the way for things like cargo pants, hiking boots, backpacks and mil-spec belts.

outdoor shoes

How to Choose the Right Type of Outdoor Shoes

Regardless of whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast or you just like to go for a walk in the wilderness every now and then, the type of footwear you put on is extremely important. After all, your feet are the ones that are doing most of the work so taking proper care of them will prevent… continue reading →

watercolor techniques

Watercolour Painting Techniques Every Artist Should Know

Watercolour is a painting method where the artist uses paints that are made of pigments suspended in a water solution. Or in simple words, these are paints that dissolve when adding water to them. Watercolour is also known as aquarelle and it is believed to date back thousands of years. Now, although fun and quite… continue reading →

Advantages of using an Infrared Thermometer

Infrared thermometers are top-quality products that have widespread usage and application. They have been around for a while but have only relatively recently picked up steam in terms of popularity, even though a lot of people are aware of their existence. A lot of people are still used to the old type of thermometer and… continue reading →