The Suggested Loader Bucket For Your Equipment

There are many options available when it comes to selecting the right loader bucket for your big or small sized compact loader. There are few considerations that need to be taken into account in order to select the most appropriate loader bucket:

  • the general purpose of your loader
  • the nature of your job, the type of the job site
  • the weight and the type of the materials that will be loaded and unloaded

Below are the different types of loader buckets that are available for your loader depending on the application.


General Purpose Bucket. The general purpose bucket, shortly known as a GP bucket, is the most commonly used loader bucket type. Usually, when you purchase the loader for the first time, it comes with the standard GP bucket. Thanks to its relatively low weight and compact design, the general purpose bucket is described as the most efficient loader attachment which can be used for loading and unloading different kind of materials. Many loader models use the general purpose bucket because it is designed to hold half of the tipping load. The GP bucket is recommended loader bucket generally for soil yards. For such yards, a reversible cutting edge is required so that the usage of the bucket can be extended. The GP buckets are designed to have straight side plates.

Four-In-One Bucket. The four-in-one loader bucket can be recognized by its opening jaw. One big advantage of this bucket is its versatility. It can be opened and used as a blade to smooth the road surface. It can be used like a clamshell to hold logs and stones. It can also complete the loading tasks which are performed by the classic metal buckets. The four-in-one bucket is an ideal loader bucket attachment, especially for earth moving contractors who need effective machines to scrape the road surfaces or for road maintenance contractors who need a set of efficient rippers in order to dig holes in the roads. Although it has many advantages, the four-in-one bucket has some negative sides. It is heavier than the general purpose bucket. Therefore, it can only be used for smaller loads. It also requires more maintenance.

Rake Bucket. This loader bucket comes with a grapple to hold the materials inside the bucket. The rake bucket is designed for those who are looking for a more effective attachment than a classic metal bucket. A green waste grab can be attached at the front end what allows the rake bucket to grab and to hold different objects like tree logs.

Light Material Bucket. The light material bucket is designed to be used only for transferring light weight materials. This loader bucket has larger capacity when compared with the four-in-one bucket and with the general purpose bucket.

Loaders usually are purchased with general purpose buckets. If this bucket type is not suitable for your work, it may be reasonable to contact your local loader dealer to change the GP bucket with another loader bucket. Therefore, if purchasing a loader for a first time, consider the nature and the type of the work you will be doing with the loader in order to select the right loader bucket.

Aiden Jones

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